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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

"Guernsey Survivor - Zibby Yates - Fights Back"

Brave victim of Child Abuse, Zibby Yates, is starting an awareness campaign in Guernsey. Her letter to me (in blue) below, sets out her aim's and objectives with regard to child abuse in the Islands.

Unlike Jersey's main stream media, The Guernsey Press (who's article can be read here) have been very supportive of Zibby's efforts and have backed her all the way.

I have advised Zibby to start her own blog for VoiceForVictims as we in Jersey have already witnessed the power of the Blogs in bringing the truth to the masses. Justice to those denied it, will surely follow as a result of the publicity and facts disseminated by bloggers.

We wish Zibby all the very best in her courageous pursuit for justice and assistance for all those who have suffered so badly. Anyone who needs assistance, or who can offer any support or assistance to Zibby and her organisation, please contact her at

Any support that can be given by Jersey's bloggers, I am sure, will be forthcoming.
Good luck Lady....

Zibby Yates - A victim speaks out

VICTIMS of child sex abuse are being invited to speak out by one survivor, who tells her story in today’s Guernsey Press.
Zibby Yates, 35 (pictured), was a victim of convicted paedophile Eugene Hughes , the former judo instructor, who was arrested after multiple victims independently came forward to police.

She wants to hear from anyone who has been affected by child sex abuse, whether victims or members of victims’ families.
‘I’d like to know how Hughes and others like him have affected people’s lives.’
Anyone wishing to contact Miss Yates can do so on Emails can be anonymous and all will be treated confidentially. They will not be passed on to the police.

Voice For Victims Campaign by Zibby Yates

The response to the recent articles in the Guernsey Press has been so positive and overwhelming that I feel encouraged to continue to raise awareness and try to bring about positive changes for victims and their families via a campaign.
The campaign is focused on protecting children from abuse and giving victims a sense of justice.
The main arguments are:
How do we measure the value of a child and to what degree are their rights cherished and upheld?
Sexual abuse of a child is a violation of that child’s human rights in the most cruel and degrading manner. To what extent do we empathise with victims and seek to restore them?
Any society is judged by its determination to protect its vulnerable members and to provide victims with empowerment and justice.
A significant deterrent for people who seek to abuse children is sought by Voice For Victims because not only do paedophiles devastate the lives of victims and their families but they also undermine the foundation of our community, which is family life and trust.
Main aims
Tougher sentencing to provide an adequate deterrent and to give victims a sense of justice.
Convicted paedophiles should not be considered eligible for parole unless deemed appropriate by a forensic psychologist.
Upon release, if a paedophile is still considered a risk to children, then he/she ought to be detained in a secure unit until psychologists are satisfied that he/she will not be a risk of children.
Transparency within the judicial process so that victims are given the opportunity to engage. Why is it so many cases don’t make it to court and why aren’t victims told why?
To be considered as part of a campaign or in the near future:
Abuse of children online
Funding for victims and their families
Psychologists to provide evidence in court
Residency of convicted paedophiles upon release.
How to get involved:
Collecting signatures  from friends and family for a petition.
Collecting signatures from public places, such as Town.
Helping to raise awareness by expressing support through the Guernsey Press.
Help raise awareness by explaining to the Guernsey Press how abuse has affected you and your family. This can be done anonymously.
When the petition is ready, help present the petition to policy makers. It would be great to have a decent crowd to add weight to the campaign.


  1. Ian.

    This is a very brave lady to have the courage to openly speak out against the crimes committed against her, and wish her all the luck with her campaign.

    She is fortunate enough to have a mainstream media outlet in Guernsey that will give her, and other Abuse Survivors, a voice which will encourage others to come forward.

    Abuse Survivors in Jersey know there is no point in going to the mainstream media who are more interested in trashing Child Abuse Investigations than they are giving victims/survivors a voice.

    After what Warcup, Gradwell, Le Marquand, the Law Offices and the MSM have done to Abuse Survivors in Jersey I can't see anybody ever reporting that they have been Abused let alone campaigning.

  2. Sure is VFC, and Carrie has now offered her unwavering support to Zibby also :)

  3. Isn't guernsey press & jep owned by the same company,if so why the difference in editoral policy?

  4. Difference in policy the GEP hasn't got a rag rapist.

  5. YES, I believe they are owned by the same company.

    Obviously the Guernsey Press have people who CARE!

    The Jersey Evening Post have people who CARE-LESS!

  6. A useful link

  7. Hi again Zibby, the C.H.R.I.S website is also packed full of useful information.

  8. A comment by "Toyin O." has been received in my emails, if you would care to resend it 'without' the attachments (as I do not know what they are) your comment will be published....thank you

  9. ian i wish zibby the very best of luck what a very brave lady. i do hope she gets more support then jersy abuse survivors.

  10. Yes, the Guernsey Press and Jersey Evening Post are owned by the same company.

    This is from its website:

    "The Guiton Group Limited publishes daily and weekly newspapers in Jersey and Guernsey including the flagship daily titles Jersey Evening Post and Guernsey Press along with associated web portal sites This is Jersey and This is Guernsey.

    The Group also owns a technology division, Itex, the largest computer services provider in the Channel Islands. The Guiton Group was acquired in 2004 by the Claverley Group, owners of West Midlands newspapers the West Midlands Express & Star and the Shropshire Star."

    I know the editor of the gp. I cannot imagine him producing a paper like the jep.

  11. Thanks for the messages of support for Zibby you guy's, proud of you all :)

  12. Sorry "Toyin O" my email was warning me but got things sorted.

    My apologies Lady.

  13. Ian.

    You'll like this one.

    I spoke with two "journalists" today both from CTV and asked them why CTV aren't Reporting ANYTHING about the revelation of our Home Affairs Minister that it appears Mick Gradwell leaked a confidential Report to a Child Abuse denying "journalist" during an ongoing investigation.

    Both "journalists" from CTV claimed to know nothing about it!!! They told me that they cannot be expected to know everything that is said in the States!!

    I don't know what's worse, the fact that they could be helping to cover up the Child Abuse scandal, or the fact that they might not know about Senator Le Marquand's revelation.

    Whichever it is it demonstrates the calibre of Jersey's "journalists."

  14. NO surprises there then VFC!

    Some politicians in Guernsey have those same views apparently? Below is a quote from a Zibby Yates article.

    "Before I decided to go public with my own story of abuse, I had been told by two senior civil servants that people would read my story, say it was rubbish and throw it in the bin. I was very hurt by their comments but at the same time was sure that they were wrong. The response so far has been quite the opposite of what they said would happen and I hope this makes them realise the extent of public feeling about this important issue.
    ‘Civil servants and politicians are not called upon to follow their own political agenda but rather to serve and protect their communities. I believe their primary duty is to stand up for the vulnerable."
    Zibby Yates

    The full article can be read HERE