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Friday, 3 June 2011

"Graham Power QPM - A Second Affidavit - By Stuart Syvret"

Stuart Syvret has today published a second "Affidavit" from Jersey's Ex Chief Police Officer, Graham Power QPM.

With kind permission, we have taken the opening extract and published it below.
This affidavit is a damning indictment and must be read in full.

You will find the green link to the whole posting
(and entire affidavit) on Stuart Syvret's blog,
at the foot of this page.


William Bailhache to Graham Power
In November 2008  - after having failed to coerce Chief Constable Power

Into dropping a police investigation into planning corruption;
An investigation William Bailhache, and his brother, then Bailiff Philip Bailhache, had tried to obstruct by coercing a States member and illegally handling and leaking stolen e-mails.

Days after William Bailhache wrote “so be it” to him –

Graham Power was unlawfully suspended.

Published here in full, is a new affidavit by the former Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police Force, Graham Power, Queens Police Medal.
Mr. Power wrote this affidavit at my request for use in my appeal against the corrupt, malicious prosecution conducted against me.
This document is the end of the career of William Bailhache – and the beginning of the end of the Jersey oligarchy.
William Bailhache was, until 2010, the Attorney General – the sole prosecutory authority in Jersey. He is now the Deputy Bailiff – the deputy head of Jersey’s judiciary, and the unelected deputy speaker of the island’s parliament. He is also a criminal.
William Bailhache has been profoundly and nakedly corrupt – yet so crazed with hubris, he has gone about abusing his public Offices with remarkably little subtlety or caution.
For here you have a closely involved witness – of no-less calibre than a decorated, nationally respected Chief of Police – producing a sworn statement – in which he describes William Bailhache, and his brother Philip Bailhache, being involved in attempts to prevent the proper investigation of  - “allegations of corruption at the heart of government.”
And that is not all?

"The End Game"


  1. Will it be impossible to find a judiciary not implicated or conflicted before gaining final hearings at Strasbourg? Probably not. Powerful people will something to hide and more to lose are going to oppose Stuart all the way up because of so many important links back to the corrupt B. Brothers. Without bloggers there would be no exposure to political reality in Jersey.

  2. Stuart's blog is a TL;DR (Too Long, didn't read)
    Does the affidavit change anything? Is there any new info in all that, or is it the same stuff we've known for ages but made more official by being an affidavit?

    Yes I'm lazy, but a summing up would be appreciated by me and many others, and would help the cause.

  3. Anon

    The affidavit is now a legal and powerful document because it is now, an affidavit, a sworn statement.

    You say "a summing up would be appreciated by me and many others, and would help the cause".

    I do not believe that skimming over a topic so fundamentally important as this, will help anyone! It is when people know the full facts that they will understand, and wake up to the deceptions going on around them.

    These documents need reading and understanding in their entire capacity....

  4. Respectfully I must disagree.

    It needs a summary because too many people won't be able to face wading through screads of stuff. "Executive summaries" exist for good reason - wrap it all up as succintly as possible and then they can go looking for further details if they need further proof.

    It really would help a lot of people to see the truth, if anyone can face doing it!