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Saturday, 18 June 2011

"Good Thing - OR - Bad Thing?"

UK fails to approve cutting Senators

THE UK has stalled plans to cut two Senatorial seats in October, leaving the way open for a last-minute push to reverse the move.
Campaigner Lyndon Farnham has received confirmation from the Privy Council that they did not sign off the cut at their June meeting and instead accepted his petition to delay it.
That means that Deputy Carolyn Labey’s proposal to keep the Senatorial seats for now can be debated by the States. It is scheduled for debate on 5 July.


  1. If you have to fight a contested election then so be it but please stop with this complete and utter nonsense. Deputy Labey is doing her self no favors with this. The boy Farnham doesn't know if he will stand or not thats just the kind of decision makers we need lol


  2. "UK fails to approve cutting Senators"

    the Rag front page news?

    Ben Queree main political jouralist at the Rag. Ben is this the best you can do, with all this real news to be reported.

    Ben, disgraceful!