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Monday, 6 June 2011

"Freddie Does One After Death Threats"

Senator Freddie Cohen will not be seeking re-election

ENVIRONMENT Minister Freddie Cohen will not be standing for re-election in October.
Senator Cohen has confirmed that he will not be standing again, and that he will leave the States after finishing his six-year term in December.
He said that the death threats and anti-semitic abuse that he received last month had contributed to his decision.
The Senator (54) is currently filling a dual role as Environment Minister and ‘foreign minister’. He said that he would be open to continuing his liaison work with contacts in the UK in an unpaid capacity if asked to do so.


  1. Easy to blame recent things, but I thought it was known for some time that he wouldn't stand again - so this is just oli-media spin as usual.

    Why would he need to be directly involved in the furnace of establishment corruption (The States Chamber)? He's already got his big house in the country!

  2. having a big house and being able to keep it are two different things. camel and eye of a needle come to mind.