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Thursday, 2 June 2011

"Former Bay-Leaf Can Do No Wrong"

Former Bailiff cleared of media wrongdoing

Jersey's former Bailiff has been cleared of bringing the judiciary into disrepute over comments he made to the press.

In an interview with the Jersey Evening Post last year Sir Philip Bailhache said he was against plans to scrap the dual role of the Bailiff as the head of the States and the island's top judge.

This prompted former politician Ted Vibert to complain to the current Bailiff. The guidelines state that 'members of the judiciary shall not seek publicity or the approval of the public or the media'.

But current Bailiff Michael Birt, says Sir Philip has not broken the rules.


  1. It's the journalists that are the real criminals eh phil? People like Roger Holland deserve the opportunity to carry on abusing.

  2. digging in the dirtJune 02, 2011 6:19 pm

    Who can forget the Liberation Day rantings, this man is a mennace to the good people of Jersey.

  3. This interview on its own should be enough to have Ian Le Marquand LOCKED UP

  4. Why did Sir Philip suddenly step down from being Bailiff?

    When he was convinced he had so many more years to take, sorry give.

  5. Hope it was something to do with THIS

  6. So one Bayleaf gets to pass verdict on the previous one? Not going to work out any other way than "He's fine just as I will be" - is it?

    It's the Jersey way!

  7. Disgusting this man is a disgrace to Jersey he represents all that is bad in this Island