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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

"Fingers Crossed We Have A Decent New Cop"

First female chief inspector appointed

Chief Inspector Alison Fossey

THE former head of the historical child abuse investigation has been appointed as the new chief inspector for crime operations.
Chief Inspector Alison Fossey (44) wrote the States of Jersey Police’s child protection policy and co-wrote the first domestic abuse strategy, as well as having been the senior investigating officer at the end of the abuse inquiry.
She is the first woman promoted to her rank in the history of the States of Jersey Police, and will be responsible for the public protection unit, the criminal
investigations department and the crime support team, as well as scenes of crime officers and the high-tech crime unit.


  1. It makes you wonder if Fossey was approved by ILM?

    Or did Bowron promote her by himself?

  2. For what it's worth, she may have been the best possible choice for the sake of child protection. At least she knows what is happening with Graham Power and Lenny Harper, and is likely to be aware of the of the thorough blogger scrutiny of the police department.

    It is surprising, really, that she would ever be acceptable to the elite, since she has been so close to the real abuse evidence and would have a powerful knowledge of political efforts to corrupt their independence. Perplexing.

  3. How long will she last?