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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

"Faults Found At Prison??? - Yup - Too Many Innocent Convictions Is My Bet"

Faults found with La Moye prison in Jersey


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The body which oversees the welfare of prisoners in Jersey has raised concerns about some of the facilities at La Moye.
The States of Jersey has been criticised for signing off building work that was not complete at the Jersey prison.
Work to improve the prison was finished at the end of 2009.
The Prison Board of Visitors said that despite the work being signed off there were problems.
The board found issues with the the new gym floor meant prisoners were not able to use the exercise room for nearly a year.
Unresolved issues with the showers in L Wing also meant there were six showers for 80 prisoners to share.
There should be 12 showers available for that many prisoners.
The board said the issues highlighted the need for politicians to make sure work was completed satisfactorily and any repairs were carried out promptly.

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  1. How hard can it be to search visitors to stop drugs getting in?!!