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Friday, 10 June 2011

"Did Terry 'the' Sewer Write The Exam Question? - Q's without A's"

Almost 200 Channel Islands students have been hit by exam blunders where papers included questions that were impossible to answer.

More than 100 students at Guernsey's Grammar School and 69 at Jersey's Hautlieu School were affected.

The news comes days after it was revealed that hundreds of thousands of teenagers across the UK have been affected by the mistakes.

Students found they were unable to answer some questions in AS Level and GCSE exam papers.

The UK exam watchdog Ofqual is investigating a series of errors that made their way into the exams.

Exam boards OCR and AQA are responsible for the mistakes. AQA says it will deal with the situation by either giving all students full marks for the question or by not including it in the marking.

The exam boards have contacted the school which has, in turn, informed parents of affected students.

A business studies paper left out vital information so pupils were unable to answer a question worth three marks, while a maths exam question included a question where the information needed to answer it was left out.

Ofqual have said that the string of errors is "disappointing and unacceptable". They are now carrying out extra checks.

AS Levels - which form half an A-Level and can be taken in their own right or completed to A-Level stage - and GCSEs, are among the most important exams students undertake. Those taking AS Levels rely on their grades to be accepted into their chosen university or for their university applications.

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  1. Students took exams which "...included questions that were impossible to answer."

    They are learning The Jersey Way for when they go into Jersey politics. A great many questions "can't" be answered in States sittings either.