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Thursday, 23 June 2011

"Diabetes Timebomb - GST A Contributary Factor"

Diabetes timebomb

THE number of diabetics in Jersey will double within ten years unless Islanders make major lifestyle changes, a senior Hospital consultant has warned.
One in three children born in Jersey today will develop diabetes during their life, and by 2020 an estimated 10,000 Islanders will be suffering from the condition.
And the cost to the economy – including social security payments to cover sick leave as well as the price of treating diabetes and other obesity related conditions – will rise from its current level of £15 million to £30 million by the end of the decade.
The costs figure, given to the JEP by Jersey diabetes consultant Dr Peter Bates, is based on statistics from the UK’s National Audit Office and the Obesity Information Centre in England.

What Help From The States?

It's easy to rip into the plumpers and the bone idle, but what of those who are forced to shop at places like Iceland?

Parents who literally cannot afford to feed their families with healthy fresh food?

Our greedy pigs in the States, who squander the public purse on scum like Ogley & Pollard, cannot even give a little GST break on healthy foodstuffs. Partly blame your "bloated" selves for this mess!!!

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