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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

"Deputy Pryke says it's 'Inappropriate' to Answer Questions"


  1. Lets get in a plumber we need help he charges £45.00 an hour two hours repair completed. Pay the man well done.

    Could most families employ an outsider for forty hours a week costing over £45.00 an hour, joking right?

    Hospitals need locums like ordinary people need a plumber. This is for holidays, illness etc you get the picture but they are very expensive but necessary and can get paid three or four time more than a resident doctor earning thousands a week.

    Now ask Anne Pryke and her expensive line up of managers, why in the General Hospital a locum placement a very expensive doctor continuously, has been employed for more three years, that's a fact.


  2. This avoidant woman who can only splutter rehearsed lines like "Lessons will be learned" looked in her element at the Brygadon afternoon tea party....wearing a floral tent,silly hat ,tea and stickies...about her level...what a waste of Taxpayers money she is.