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Monday, 27 June 2011

"Crime Figures Down - Has Mr Bowron Put A Stop To The Perjury & Lies?"

Crime in Jersey falls to lowest level for 10 years

Crime in Jersey is at its lowest level for 10 years, police have said.
Jersey's Police Chief, Mike Bowron, said a combination of more daytime patrols and visits to pubs and clubs by police officers had led to the fall in crime.
There were just under 1,600 crimes reported in the first five months of the year.
That is 11% less than in the same period last year and a third less than in 2004.
The figures cover all types of crime, including violent offences which were down 20%.
The report said this was mirrored by the lowest number of people in 10 years needing emergency treatment because of assaults.
Mr Bowron said it was hard to pinpoint why crime figures, especially daytime ones, were down.
He said: "I do not think it is down to a lack of reporting, I think people in Jersey do report crimes.
"Hopefully it is associated with lots more licence visits during the night-time, more patrols during the day and consequently less crime."


  1. Hi JEP.

    But up the Audio of Mr Lenny Harper Being interviewed by our Local BBC Radio, form this morning.

    You can Lisen to this HERE

  2. Thanks TJW, looking forward to this!

  3. Lucky crime figures are down really as i was told by a police sargent this morning, that due to cut backs they only had 6 officers on duty last night.

  4. Well, now. Do you think reported crime is down because child rape is no longer reported by the victims? Why would they bother?

  5. Most of the hundred + abuse survivors survivors came forward only during the time Lenny Harper and Graham Power were in charge.

  6. Is it because the AG is not allowing as many prosecutions!!

    Or the public have less confidence after the illegal suspension of Graham Power!

  7. The A.G can't even get people for jury service anymore :)

  8. Ian.

    Is Philip Ozouf a modern day politician, as he claims, or a FRAUDSTER?

  9. Ian.

    Has Mr Bowron had the decency to reply to you yet?

    Or is he too busy patroling the streets, showing the kids whos boss.

    And keeping his nose clean.

  10. Yes I have, and it can be read HERE. It is being sent to home affairs for "action as necessary".

    Having already traveled this road, and hitting that inevetable brick wall, I am now restructuring my complaints so Le Marquand does not get to dismiss them again!