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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

"Bob Hill's Question is Answered at a Snails Pace"

"Jersey Police Dragging Their Feet"


  1. Always the suffering of the poor perpetrators. Officials concerned with the sad widdle feelings of the corrupt. Pity, pity. Just like so much official sympathy for the paedos.

  2. Completely amazing how your hard work and self taught education in computer graphics and information, offers so much extra to the population of Jersey.

    As the people awake from their sleep or denial of problems with our Government and administration, it will be internet sites like yours that they will come to for the real truth.


  3. Hmmm?

    I think we have a critic!

  4. Well "Bloaty Bouy"

    I spent five hours yesterday working on an abuse case, and six hours researching Law.

    I am sorry that you find the quick "scan & paste" distasteful, but it was all I had time for!!!

  5. I am sorry you have taken my comment in a negative way Ian.

    You have taken it actually completely the opposite way it was intended. Not everyone in Jersey in business is a moron or has a snout.


  6. "Completely amazing how your hard work and self taught education in computer graphics and information, offers so much extra to the population of Jersey."

    I have read many of your comments over the last two years on PJ, and arrived at the conclusion that you are extremely literate, and no fool.

    Bearing this in mind, how does the above look to you?

  7. Ian - you have taken BB's comment out of context. I actually read it as a compliment and vaguely knowing BB I do not think he would 'do' sarcasm. I am sure he is an honourable man.

    Anyway, back to the posting. How long ago now was this first brought to light, and was this not the real reason behind the raid on Deputy Labey's home when Stuart was living there?

    The outcome should be most interesting.

  8. Thanks hun, but it sure as hell doesn't read that way to me....

    However, if I am wrong, my apologies.

  9. Ian

    I have to jump in here and add that you did take it the wrong way. What BB meant was EXACTLY what I would say about you and the other amazing Jersey bloggers. You have managed to bring so much accessible information and a "right of reply" to the population of Jersey for the first time. You have done this without salary, without staff, without a broadcast booth and without a printing press. The internet is remarkable but what you Jersey bloggers have done with it is amazing. It will change history, no matter how slowly that seems to us now. Such an effect by citizen media would have seemed impossible a few years ago, right?

    Oh, and I think BB was also complimenting your fun graphics!


  10. Ian get's it wrong again???!!!??? Doh....

    Thank you very much Elle and Boatyboy, I am grateful for your kind compliments, as it is for the most part, a thankless task.

    I hope you will both understand why I put the posting up this morning entitled "Waking Up To Government Tyranny"....This stuff really trashes your head sometimes, and as Rico, Neil, Stuart and myself are testament to.

    The "Waking Up" posting really hits the nail on the head for me, it is so accurate from a "Blogger" and "Freeman" perspective.

    Again, apologies Boatyboy, and thank you very much, both of you :)