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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

"As Predicted & Payed For - Le Sewer & Co Blame Ogley"

Paid-off civil servant set up colleague’s deal
Chief Minister, Terry Le Sewer, "set adrift on a tide of woe"
FORMER States chief executive Bill Ogley was responsible for a ‘significant’ golden handshake paid to a fellow senior civil servant, the Chief Minister said yesterday.
Mr Ogley – himself the recipient of a pay-off reportedly worth hundreds of thousands of pounds – negotiated the controversial settlement that led to the former chief officer of Health and Social Services, Mike Pollard, being paid off when he quit in 2009.
Chief Minister Terry Le Sueur yesterday admitted being ‘concerned’ about the pay-offs and said he would support a confidential, independent review into them.
He was not aware of any other cases where such pay-offs would be necessary, he added.

We knew that Pollard had to go!
We knew that Ogley had to go!
We know Terry 'the' Sewer has to go!

WHO IS NEXT? and don't all shout at once!

Pollard covers up murder - has to be paid off and disappears.
Ogley covers up child abuse, and Pollard - and has to be paid off and disappears.
Le Sewer covers up murder and child abuse, and Pollard and Ogley - and has to be paid off and disappear.

Anyone know who is next?

Le Marquand covers up for everyone and everything, he will have to go - then he will be payed off and will disappear - and the oligarchy will say....Boy Oh Boy, didn't we do well flushing out these unscrupulous rogues, we will not tolerate corruption, and this will never happen again...."WE PROMISE"

Wakey Wakey You Gold Plated Sheeple!!!

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