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Saturday, 21 May 2011

"Why Do Jersey's Rich Criminals Never Get Fined Or Jailed???"

Lawyer ‘humiliated’ after all-day drinking session

A JERSEY lawyer described his ‘humiliation’ at being caught driving while three times over the legal limit after an all-day heavy drinking session.
Advocate Michael Leigh Preston had drunk so much that the Magistrate said he was off the scale of sentencing guidelines and could have been jailed.
The 44-year-old partner at law firm Voisins told the Magistrate’s Court on Monday that the offence last Sunday was a ‘moment of madness’.

Advocate Mike Preston of Law Firm Voisins
He was banned from driving for 30 months and ordered to carry out 90 hours of community service after pleading guilty to drink-driving in Gas Place.

"Advocate Michael Leigh Preston had drunk so much that the Magistrate said he was off the scale of sentencing guidelines and could have been jailed."



Well, at least the Jersey Police have 'stopped' driving them home
and tucking them up in bed before they drive their cars back
and park them up on the drive!



  1. What a numptie bo77ox. It is not as if he couldn't afford a taxi home.

    Humiliated "yes", of course you are -but only because you got caught and your name and photo have been bandied around the media - accredited and non-accredited.

    The Beano is not the Rag

    p.s. word verification: oblessem

  2. "Humiliated" but not SORRY....

  3. Absolutely spot on Mr E.

    The Beano is not the Rag

  4. If another Jersey lawyer had been sent to La Moye the percentage (2 out of 250) would put the profession in the highest crime rate group in the Island.
    That would have implied that Jersey lawyers are crooked so jail was never an option.
    On the other hand, it's okay to humiliate the usual working class scumbags who have traditionally filled the cells and had their mugshots all over the pages and screens.

    Compare too the reaction in France since their leading Socialist and top IMF economist was banged-up in New York and had his morning-after, cuffed images sent all over the world.

    The whole French nation felt humiliation there because it was a smack in the face of chic respectability.

    Different rules apply to the Curtis Warrens of this world. If you happen to be from a Liverpool dockside rather than the plush world of international finance then you must accept your humiliation as part of life's jolly pageant.

    Wonder if Frank Walker or Pip Ozouf will try for the IMF job? Could notch up our international profile a notch or two?

    TOM GRUCHY says

  5. He couldn't be jailed because then he would have been debarred!

    One law for the rich another for the rest of us.

    It was ever thus.

  6. "disbarred" hits the nail smack on the head!

  7. he wasn't driving a Lotus by any chance?

  8. Naaah!

    That was someone else yet to be named? Funny the JEP popped a little press notice out the other week. Couldn't disclose the name of the driver because of an ongoing "independent" investigation?

    The word "independent" should ring alarm bells when it comes to Jersey's criminal Government & press.

  9. Who amongst the uneducated serfs can get their head around that one?

  10. Hold on just a minute,

    I am no fan of the criminal charges the lawyers impose on the good people of Jersey. It is about £350 per hour give or take £50 quid and this lawyer with his new lawbreaking record has been ordered to do 90 hours community service.

    This works out at serious loss of income, plus the big dent in his reputation by breaking the law while representing it. I think the court were very clever, they new paying a £3,000 fine would be no problem, so community service with dropouts for you Mr wealthy social climbing yuppy, how do you feel now?

    If he does not do the full community service ( who is checking ? ) painting fences and picking up litter or whatever they do, then that will really taking the pixx and I will agree with your other commentators.


  11. "I am no fan of the criminal charges the lawyers impose on the good people of Jersey. It is about £350 per hour give or take £50 quid."

    Wakey wakey anon, in the next 24 hrs, I will prove to you that it is more like £2,000 an hour, I have the invoices in my possession.

    Look out the scumbag company from the "street of forty thieves" who screwed me over in 1996-97. "Lift up thy countenance upon thee" :)

  12. Ian is so looking forward to Sunday, after the football ....:)

  13. AND Anon, community service is on the weekends so no loss of income. BUT, I have friends who will be supervising this scumbag, If he does not complete his hours, I will know.

    And you can bet your asses that you will know, if I know....ACCOUNTABILITY IS OUR FRIEND

  14. Just google Advocate Michael Preston.Surprising some of the high profile cases he has been involved in and the people he has acted as defense.Also of note is not just his drink driving but also unpaid parking tickets.He must really think he doesn't need to be a law abiding citizen.
    My prediction for the Lotus death:Faulty brakes,no one to blame and no one to name.

  15. "Faulty Brakes"???

    Then the owner and Miss Pavarniece's family will surely be suing Lotus....Won't they???

  16. Funny when kids you knew years ago as sly little weasels grow up to be lawyers!

  17. I know from a reliable source that he certainly isn't rich but up to his eyeballs in debt. The outstanding parking tickets were his wife's who doesn't think, as she is married to a Advocate, that she should pay for parking like us mere mortals. People should remember where they come from he was brought up in States housing and now looks down his nose at people with the same upbringing! He lives his life paying for his wife to keep up with the St Michaels crowd. The guy is an absolute tool and I'm glad he has been given community service as a fine would be much preferable to him. Can anyone tell me where the carry out the service and how many hours they are allowed to do a week?

  18. hahaha, 5 to 10 hrs a week and meet up at 8.45am outside Hue Court opposite Romerils :)