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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

"There Will Be No Cover-up In Jersey"

Jersey's first Chief Minister has received his OBE in a ceremony at Buckingham Palace.
Frank Walker was the only person from Jersey named in the New Year Honours List.
The former senator was elected Jersey's first chief minister when ministerial government was introduced in 2005.
He stepped down from the role in 2008 after serving 18 years in the States, as a Deputy, and then Senator. He received his OBE from Prince Charles.
During his career Mr Walker was a controversial figure at times.
He was both criticised and praised for his work developing the finance industry in the island.
He gained international media attention during the historic abuse investigation, and a complaint about how he was portrayed on Newsnight was upheld by the BBC Trust.


  1. My dislike of Frank Walker and the cover up of HDLg and other child abuse issues and the sacking of our chief of Police asside, I would like to see a breakdown of the public services provided that Frank got this award for. All I saw was that it was for services to the public and thats that.

    I would like to know, how many of the public that received his services are your ordinary man in the street and how many are your not so ordinary, wealthy individuals who have prospered from his time in government.

    I suppose once you're in the club you're in so an OBE was on the cards for a while but I dont believe in the Services to the public reason as the public means everyone in my mind not just the ones that are going to get him the OBE.

    Reminds me of the ex big man at RBS, sorry i cant remember his name but he was at the helm when the shit hit the fan, Fred Goodwin it is just remembered. It was touted at the time in RBS and yes, I used to work there so heard it first hand, that all he was after was his knighthood at any cost. Funny how things went tits up after he received his accolade!

  2. [services to the public ]

    So I guess it must have been the public who put his name forward for an OBE!! If not who? we are not allowed to know, FOI does not apply.

    Jobs or awards for the BOY's then.