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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

"Syvret Should Carry Torch - As A Beacon Of Hope" you can vote below

"When Darkness Falls
it is often the Humble Candles
that become the mighty

Olympic flame to come to Jersey

THE Olympic torch will pass through Jersey next summer on its 8,000-mile route to the 2012 Games’ opening ceremony in London.
The Island is one of more than 70 confirmed locations, but it is not known who will carry the torch in Jersey or what the route will be on 15 July next year.
Organisers are aiming to take the flaming symbol to within one hour’s drive of 95 per cent of the nation’s population and have named six islands on the 70-day journey – including Guernsey – which starts from Land’s End, Cornwall, a year from tomorrow.

Islanders can apply, or nominate others, to be torch-bearers on the London 2012 website.
Please visit the link below to vote for Stuart Syvret :)

Click on the link HERE IS THE VOTING FORM


  1. I totally agree with you... Stuart should carry the torch... Channel online has a link but I couldn't find where to vote.. Oh wouldn't that just be fabulous if Stuart got the most votes to carry it !!..........

  2. Yes he should! I I dont live in Jersey so I hope I can vote

    By the way, all my social networking has been hacked, I am trying to get something done about it though. I assume you are still posting links onto my blog, I am not getting any comments or links coming through as the hacker is removing everything.


  3. Could work out perfectly....

    Because by this time next year most people will be "Seeing The Light Of Syvret".

  4. I have asked Stuart if he would be up for this, will let you know when I get a reply :)

  5. Could get a Guernsey states member to do it !!! Could run and buy a few plots of land on the way and illegaly build everywhere with his own building firm, using tax payers money .;)

  6. Anonymous 5:57pm
    You will have to narrow it down a bit from that

  7. Let's talk about the Abuse

  8. We need his birth date to vote using that form. Do you have it?


  9. I think Stuart put that up on HIS blog

  10. Went to link and got a message "Sorry, the deadline for nominating a Torchbearer has now passed.

  11. hahaha, too many votes for Syvret I guess!!!

  12. I received an email this week saying that my vote will not count and that is the end of the discussion.


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