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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

"Stuart Syvret Says Whistleblowing Is MURDER"

Remember: left click on the pic to read it!

A little something from the "Private Eye" magazine
Our Mr Syvret "IS" getting noticed.


  1. Well done Ian for getting this story online so quickly. No quarter.

  2. Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret said...

    Yes, the article is great. It's hard to convey to a lay-reader just how difficult it is - to convey so many fundamental points - in so few words.

    And within that space constraint - the article succeeds wonderfully; it's very skilfully written.

    You see, Private Eye writes for an interested - and aware - and 'knowing' - audience; readers who understand the 'code' - who have a degree of awareness of the issues - and who 'read-between-the-lines'.

    Thus - in a short article - so much can be conveyed - to those who 'know-the-score'.

    "Is this - finally - the beginning of some meaningful scrutiny upon Jersey's suborned, conflicted and lawless public authorities?"

    Let us all certainly hope so.

    And buy copies of Private Eye - and encourage friends and acquaintances to do likewise.