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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

"States Members To Question Corruption Pay-Offs"

QUESTIONS on why hundreds of thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money was given in pay-offs to senior States managers will be asked in the States Chamber next week.
At least one States Member is understood to be asking a question during next Tuesday’s sitting about golden handshakes paid to the former States chief executive Bill Ogley and former chief officer of Health and Social Services Mike Pollard.
The two men received pay-offs totalling £800,000 between them, with Mr Ogley reportedly receiving £500,000 and Mr Pollard £300,000.
Over the weekend Deputy Phil Rondel had applied to the States Greffe to change a question he was due to ask next week on moorings to one about the golden handshakes.
However his request to ask that question has been turned down, according to the States Greffe, because another Member is already due to ask a question on the issue and the two were thought to be too similar.


  1. an elected member applied (begged) to the states greffe (not elected by us) to change a QUESTION and was turned down,he can not ask it!
    the reason for not granting permission is irrelevant the fact he needed permission at all
    is scary.

    people still think we are governed by our elected representatives hahaha

    states members, short-term contract employees of the firm


  2. Definitely... If there will be no control then its sure that corruption will headed soon and will go beyond the limit.