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Thursday, 5 May 2011

"St Saviours Mental Hospital - Much To Answer For - Anita Shepherd - Are HDLG Kid's Bodies Buried There???"

Anita Shepherd outside St Saviour's Hospital
A WOMAN who says her dementia-suffering father has been robbed of his dignity at St Saviour’s Hospital has called for an urgent investigation into the care of mentally ill patients. Anita Shepherd has taken the difficult decision to speak out about her 85-year-old father’s treatment in the hope that others will not suffer as she claims her family has.
In response, Health and Social Services issued a written statement, saying that their aim was for every patient to be given the best possible treatment and that if this fell short of what was expected, they were willing to discuss with relatives any concerns they might have.

Well....What about the poor girl who asked to go for a walk from St Saviours? Staff were told in no uncertain terms, not to let her out of the hospital! But some imbecile did and Six hours later, they fished her body out of Queen's Valley Reservoir!!!!!!! Way ta go St Saviours?


  1. What's this got to do with dead children from Haute De La Garenne you may ask?

    Keep Posted :)

  2. You go into St.Saviours and you're lucky if you ever come out again! They put you on drugs, then more drugs to counteract the side-effects, then even more drugs to counteract the side-effect of those, and so on and so on, until you're on a heady cocktail of the stuff which is unknown territory for medical science at the best of times.

    Some of the drugs will be fairly new and the implications not well known, and as for how they all combine together - who knows? They'll find an excuse for the befuddled state you'll end up in, blame it on dementia, and so begins a long downward spiral.

    I'd rather die than end up there, as do so many patients who manage to get out briefly and do themselves in rather than go back.

    And then, at the inquest, it won't be ruled to have been suicide, because that would place blame of the quality of care of the States of Jersey!

  3. One former resident of HDLG has claimed he was repeatedly raped at the children's home by Krichefski in 1962 and 1963.

    The man, now in his late 50s and living in the West Midlands of England, said that every month, he and another boy would be taken into a back room at the home and abused by two men.

    The former resident said he would be woken by a care worker with the words: "There is someone here to see you".

    The only person he told about the abuse was a psychiatrist who told him that he would be placed in a mental hospital if he repeated the allegations.

    Read more:

    Well done to Anita for speaking out.
    Pie and Mash Films

  4. St Saviours & good health "oxymorons"

  5. Pie N Mash Films present trailer for SUN SEA & SATAN

  6. The film Sun Sea & Satan concerning Jersey child abuse case ‘Haut de la Garenne’ also has relevant information concerning ‘St Saviours’ mental institution. The full film is available on DVD from:

    We have also recently put up the feature documentary ‘Adam Rickwood & The Medomsley Heroes’, this can be viewed for free: The film has intimate interviews with survivors of abuse at the hands of Neville Husband (The Monster of Medomsley Young Offenders Institution) and brings this historical abuse up to date with the alleged suicide of Adam Rickwood (14) who died at Hassockfield Secure Training Centre (formerly known as Medomsley YOI) A caption in the film’s descriptive reads: ‘Are we still hanging children in the UK?’
    ‘God bless all victims and survivors’
    Bill Maloney.

  7. I don't think you can comment on the drugs and their effects if you aren't in the health profession yourself. I believe your view is highly unreliable and a load of rubbish.
    I think we should be praising these staff who work these 12 hour shifts, 3 months worth of night shifts and work with challenging dementia patients. we should be supporting them not criticizing them.

  8. They get praised enough with their pay cheques at the end of the month! And Yes they do good, but they chose to go into that line of work, it's the same in any profession, there are things you have to put up with. I do 12 hours shifts, night shifts etc but I don't get praised...And i'm not the only one! I agree with the drugs comments above, once it starts it is just a downward spiral. I've seen it with many people, so I agree with the above posts. Just my opinion though, and everyone is entitled to one.

  9. I worked in St Saviour and arrived in the wake of a young Girl suicide.Was told she didn't have a basic Care Plan written.That would mean no Obs policy to protect her.There were other things beyond belief.I told Roger Bara from BBC.The interview never aired.There were those still too scared to get the place in order.
    Lenny was a Detective from the North who worked on other happenings.Relocated to here in Ayrshire but he was merely trying to do his Job.
    Yes your Island needs to change local law for the better

  10. Locals Richard and Dawn Woodhouse went to a Sunday Service then decided to cure those wounded of mind and body,and did.Maybe they should take the lead in showing the way forward to those who have been getting it wrong all these years.

  11. In 2009 my mother went into st saviours as she had a break down, it is understanding that it is virtually impossible to get out of there however my mum did. They filled her body with loads of drugs and medicine that she didnt even need. She met this lad in there and his name is called lenny, lenny was in there for serveral reasons, the nurses treated him like pure rubbish, when his wife came to see him lenny was trying to have a drink unfortunately lenny was shaking due to these drugs and the nurses told him off for that. I know im no genus in this matter, however I am a 15 year old girl and I believe that the states of jersey clearly dont give a flying monkeys about us! All there after is money and instead of giving us the help we actually need they through us in that! Many people have died in there, many people have never returned out and many people would agree with me. This is not humanity this is discrimination!!!!

  12. Does anyone know the date the hospital closed down?

  13. I worked at st.saviours in the 1970s was a very sad place indeed, there was a basement that housed very ill patients, couldnt communicate or walk or see. Very very sad i do hope it has changed.

  14. Does anyone remember the basement ward it still haunts me to this day ..

  15. I was a patient at st saviours in 2002 I was 22. To this day I'm sure I wasn't in the right place for what was wrong with me and was given medication that the first few days are hazy. Does anyone know cbb if you can apply for your medical files.