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Thursday, 19 May 2011

"Schizo Le Marquand Wants Top Cops To Be From Jersey"

Call for locals at the top of the Jersey police force

More needs to be done to encourage local people to reach high levels in the States of Jersey police force, a group of island politicians has said.
The Education and Home Affairs scrutiny panel looked into promotion planning.
It said in the past projects to encourage local people to try for high-level jobs in policing had failed.
Deputy Roy Le Herrissier, chairman of the panel, said it was felt there should be a mix of local and UK officers at the top of the force.
'Valuable knowledge'
He told the States of Jersey: "Our view was that because it is important to have a local person, that probably the right approach is to have a mix of local and UK officers at the top.
"They shouldn't necessarily be strictly allocated, one to the chief position, so much would depend on the mixture of talent you have available at that time."
In a statement to the scrutiny panel, Home Affairs Minister Senator Ian Le Marquand said other departments within home affairs managed to recruit local officers.
He said: "I have got within Home Affairs organisations like Customs and Immigration, which is virtually entirely 100% home-grown.
"My own personal experience is that home knowledge is valuable and outside experience is valuable as well, and you need that combination of two as part of the team.
"So I suppose if I was going to say what I am looking for ideally, I probably would want to have one of the top two who was local and one of the top two who had lots of experience away."

SO, our "nut job" Home Affairs Minister - Ian Le Marquand wants top cops to be local!!! What he is really saying is he wants the police force brought back under political control, everything that Harper and Power were against.

Just look at this clown Le Marquand's record of employment? (and these are just his dealings with me!) 

As the Judicial Greffe of the Royal Court, his department doctored my trial tapes (and probably those tapes of many other cases) before they were sent to Laidler/Haswell Ltd in England, for transcription. You can read a summary of this story (on my other blog) by clicking on THIS GREEN LINK. Laidler/Haswell confirmed to me by fax (when in prison) that Jersey had not sent the original tapes for transcription in my case, but second hand C90 cassettes. Over a (tape recorded) telephone conversation from prison that I had with the boss of Laidler/Haswell, a Mr K Budding, Mr Budding also confirmed to me that Jersey had not sent any original tapes for the previous 18 months!!! When I lodged complaint over this fact, Le Marquand suddenly became a judge. You can see and read the evidence by clicking on the link directly below.

As a Judge in the Magistrates Court, Le Marquand (in my case) went out of his way to avoid charging four Jersey Police Officers with Perjury, Grave & Criminal Assault, Fabricating Evidence and Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice, just so he could gain a conviction against myself, and save his corrupt "LOYAL & LOCAL" coppers from imprisonment. When I lodged complaint over this fact, Le Marquand suddenly became Home Affairs Minister.

As the Home Affairs Minister, Le Marquand dismissed my complaints of Perverting the Course of Justice, and Dereliction of Duty against David Warcup saying that Warcup was just basically going along with the decision of the police complaints authority when I was told by ADCO Barry Taylor that Mr Austin Vautier would be reviewing matters. Le Marquand was totally conflicted from the outset being the original judge in the case, yet was allowed to stand as judge, jury, and executioner in my case. A brazen act of corruption that is wholly documented.

As above, these very same charges were levelled against Ian Le Marquand as well as David Warcup, who was at that time, Jersey's acting Chief Police Officer. What does Le Marquand do? he drags this out until he knows that Warcup is leaving his position, the exact same strategy he put in place over the illegal suspension of Graham Power.

These charges were also levelled at the Deputy Bay-leaf, William Bailhache, of which the outcome of, I have heard nothing. Bearing in mind the fact that these charges were instigated on the 10th Sept 2009, do any of my readers think that this may just be covered up???

The now - Deputy Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police, Barry Taylor, whom I wrote to concerning these complaints, is also going to find "HIMSELF" the subject of these exact same complaints!

Many questions have arisen over the last six months regarding the level of integrity and honesty of the new Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police, Mr Mike Bowron. The truth of the matter is that any suspicions or assertions are utterly groundless until the new Police Chief is confronted with allegations of Police Corruption within his force, and given an opportunity to act upon them.

Allegations of which, I shall be making to Mr Bowron this week, and against the Deputy Chief Officer, Barry Taylor.

Below, are three letters which will explain matters in greater depth....Left click on the pic to read it.

LETTER 1 from IB Le Marquand dismissing my complaint against Warcup

LETTER 2 my response to the letter from IB Le Marquand
Mr I B Le Marquand
Home Affairs Department
11 Royal Square, St Helier                                                                                                        19 December 2009

Dear Mr Le Marquand
Thank you for your letter of 11/11/2009, it was most humorous. As you have probably realised by now, my next complaint will centre on your appointment to oversee this issue. You were the presiding judge at my trial, you failed to adjourn the case for a professional transcription of the recording to be compiled as you said you could not hear the recording, and you allowed four Police Officer’s to get away with Grave & Criminal Assault and Perjury, whilst fining me £500 in the process,  This is not justice Sir !!!
Furthermore, there is a clear lack of impartiality or independence in your findings given the roll you occupied in this case, and, as I was advised that Mr Austin Vautier would be overseeing matters.
Turning now to your analysis of Mr Warcup’s roll, “I have concluded that Mr Warcup has simply acted in accordance with the provisions of the Police(Complaints and Discipline)(Jersey) Law, 1999, and that the correct process for dealing with your complaint has been observed.” Do I take it then, that said (Jersey) Law allows policemen to beat the crap out of people for no reason, and then go on to perjure themselves in a court of law to secure an unlawful and corrupt conviction, and indeed, to cover up their own crimes ? Truly Sir, I need a copy of this legislation.
If Mr Warcup is unable to make a distinction between proper and improper conduct (given the overwhelming evidence that was on offer) on the part of his officers, I would suggest Sir, that his position is clearly untenable as Chief of Police. I will be pursuing this matter further.

Yours Sincerely       

Ian Evans

LETTER 3 my letter of complaint to ADCO Barry Taylor in response to IB Le Marquands findings 

A.D.C.O. Barry Taylor
Police Headquarters
Rouge Bouillon, St Helier                                                                                                         19 December 2009

Dear Mr Taylor
I must first apologise for not responding to your letter of 29 September 2009, as I had no previous correspondence with you and should have wrote in acknowledgment.
I have enclosed a copy of the letter that I sent to Mr I B Le Marquand in response to his letter to me, dated the 11/11/2009 which is also enclosed, and is self explanatory.
I wish to pursue further, my complaints against Mr Warcup which I believe have been whitewashed by Mr Le Marquand. Bearing in mind the fact that he was the judge at my initial trial, he cannot be seen as an impartial or independent adjudicator for such an important issue. Also the fact that you advised me that you had sent my complaint to Mr A Vautier for “action as necessary.”
Furthermore, I wish to lodge a formal complaint against Mr I B Le Marquand for (perverting the course of justice and dereliction of duty) a charge which is fast becoming a formality, the more that this case is covered up by the Jersey Authorities.
Mr Taylor, it is not rocket science, these police officers beat the crap out of me and then committed perjury to enable a wrongful conviction, and to cover up their own crimes. There is a recording of the incident in existence with the time and date on it, so it could not have been anyone other than the four officers that I accused ? Yet, everyone insists on informing me that there is insufficient evidence to bring any disciplinary charges against anyone ? How can this be !!! Am I the only sane person in Jersey ?
I thank you for your consideration of this matter and look forward to hearing from you at your convenience.

Yours sincerely     

Ian Evans

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