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Monday, 9 May 2011

"Remembered: The Slaves of the Occupation - And Those Of Today!!!"

For many years they were the forgotten face of the Occupation - the slave workers brought to the islands to build Hitler's Atlantic Wall - the hundreds of bunkers and tunnels that we can still see today.

But, belatedly, particularly since the fall of Communism, they have received more recognition.
Their service of remembrance used to be a low key affair, but now it is a major event.

Jersey's Lieutenant Governor was the first to the mark his respect for the forced workers that lost their lives during Jersey's occupation by laying a wreath in memory of the dead.

Veterans and relatives gathered from all over Europe to watch as the wreaths were laid at the slave workers memorial.

They were engraved with the nationalities and religion of the 101 men and women that died under the Nazi regime.

From the Embassy of the Russian Federation - Minister Counsellor Mr Alexander Sternick spoke of peace loving and tolerant future generations.

It was a theme reflected by Steven Regal, the head of Jersey's Jewish community.

Steve Regal, from Jersey's Jewish Community, said: "I think in common with other racial and ethnic minorities, Jews around the world continue to suffer - but we don't have a monopoly on that suffering. There are lots of people around the world that are suffering from persecution and we're just part of that persecution and hopefully, by ceremonies like this, we can convince others that we all live the same, bleed the same and have the same aspirations."

66 years ago those aspirations were of freedom, but for the hundreds of workers forced to build Hitler's bunkers in the Channel Islands it was a grim existence.

The workers were mostly from Eastern Europe, but some from Spain, Morocco, Belgium and France - and they were treated like animals. Surviving on meagre rations, these workers were often beaten, sometimes to death.

For years their plight has often been forgotten, but since the end of the cold war and further studies of history, their story is told and remembered at ceremonies such as today.

"So, What of Jersey's Little Hitlers?"

A fitting tribute to those who suffered should always be foremost in our minds, and in all our deeds and actions.

Running Jersey in the manner that our Government does, is little more than "a beating after death" for those who so bravely gave their lives to the cause of freedom. It is the same greedy retarded thinking by the likes of our Oligarchy and others, that will cause pain and suffering of the same magnitude in future years.

Someone please explain to me, just how far we have progressed from the ending of the II World War?
We allow child abuse
We cover up child abuse
We treat our elderly like they are scum
We ignore the needs of our children (even depriving them of milk)
We poison our beautiful environment, and then deny it
We tolerate the crimes of our corrupt police force
We see our politicians turn a blind eye to all corruption and wrongdoing
We worship only money
We take everything and give nothing back

Sometimes, sadly, I wonder if we would not have been better off under Hitler!!!


  1. please dont tar hitler with our states thats just unfair he was only bad for 12 years

  2. get a life ian

  3. "get a life Ian"

    I wonder if you would kindly explain that statement?

  4. ian what is a wine cooler

  5. Ian.

    Part three of in-depth and exclusive interview with former Deputy Chief Police Officer LENNY HARPER

  6. When I arrived in Jersey 40 years ago I thought that this was the nearest I would ever come to "Paradise", for many years it was, now, if Iwas a young man I would leave, I agree with 95% of your comments Ian, ever day of my life I pray for a "Whistleblower".
    This Island is a nightmare for many, I know of 3 suicides in the last 5 weeks.

  7. I covered two, which is the third?