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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

"Ozouf Finds Le Marquand's £100,000 For Discrimination Law - NO MORE EXCUSES"

States departments have £21m left over from 2010

UNDERSPENDING States departments had £21m left over from their budgets at the end of last year, new figures have revealed.
The money represents an underspend of around three per cent on the £620m net revenue expenditure agreed by the States for 2010.
Most of the cash is being pumped back into departments as up-front investment to help them hit the tough £65m savings targets demanded by the Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR) over its three year period, but £8m has been ‘banked’.
That ‘banked’ money means that the overall deficit for 2010 will be closer to £84m than the £92m expected.
Treasury Minister Philip Ozouf has welcomed the news, and has also stated that his Council of Ministers colleagues are ‘on track’ to meet the CSR savings targets.

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