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Thursday, 5 May 2011

"Now You Know Why FOI Will Be Another Five Years!!!"

Treasury 1(1)k report will not be published

Deputy Trevor Pitman

A TREASURY report about the value of super-rich 1(1)k immigrants which claims that they pump £50 million into the Island economy every year will not be released to the public.
Treasury Minister Philip Ozouf said that he was not obliged to release a complete form of the confidential report under the freedom of information code.
He said, however, that a copy could be handed to backbenchers on the Corporate Services Scrutiny panel to look at under the usual States confidentiality rules. The panel is responsible for reviewing and scrutinising government economic policy.
The report was raised during Tuesday’s States question time by Deputy Trevor Pitman, who said that the public had a right to know how the Council of Ministers justified its policy of giving tax exiles preferential housing status.

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