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Saturday, 21 May 2011

"No Respect For Nature - And How Much Is This Stupidity Costing?"

A ST Martin woman’s 30-year battle to get her neighbours to take a chainsaw to three 100-year-old oak trees has ended up in court.
Wendy Lees, who lives at Lynton, Rue des Marettes, has been trying to have the 17-metre trees reduced in size because she says that they substantially cut out light to her garden and house.
Planning was in support of her case and ordered that her neighbours, Michael and Pamela Brimacombe, trim six 100-year-old oak trees down to seven metres and maintaining them at a height of not more than eight metres.
But Mr and Mrs Brimacombe, who live at Temple View, refused and appealed against the decision made by Environment Minister Freddie Cohen.
Yesterday(thurs) both parties attended the Royal Court to battle it out.

Judgment was reserved.


Are any of the complainants overweight?
If so, let's go and trim a bit off them,
stop them obscuring our view,
see how they like it!

They should be overjoyed to live in a rural area surrounded by natural beauty

"When the last fish is caught,
the last buffalo hunted,
and the last stream poisoned,
will the white man realise he cannot eat money."


  1. So the beautiful 100 year old oaks and all the wildlife that benefits from them are supposed to suffer because of one selfish and spiteful woman??

  2. Actually I can see (no pun intended) the point from the view of Ms Lees. As long as the trees are not felled but maintained then everyone is a winner. Compromise.

    Unless, of course, there is more to this than is being reported by the rag.

    The Beano is not the Rag