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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

"No Cover-Up In Dita Paverniece Death Crash Say Jersey Police"

THE detective in charge of an investigation into a fatal car crash has moved to quash rumours of a cover-up surrounding the identity of the driver.
DI Chris Beechey
A 27-year-old woman was killed in the accident on 12 February, when a Lotus Elise hit a wall on St Clement’s Coast Road, and the 35-year-old man behind the wheel spent several days in hospital.
DI Chris Beechey, head of CID at the States police, said that they were still investigating the incident and that while no one had been charged with any offences, the police were unable to release the driver’s name.

‘There is no cover-up,’ he said. ‘Whether it’s a shoplifter, someone arrested on suspicion of assault or malicious damage, we will not name the individual while the investigation is continuing,’ he said.

Could this much damage have occured at 30 mph?
Victim, Miss Dita Paverniece


  1. My condolences to the victim's family more so if they are expecting justice with beechey on the case.

  2. Ian.

    I was listening to some parents who were picking their children up today from school. They were talking about this as a huge cover up and believe the JEP are part of it. They are all convinced the driver is a relative of a former politician who has influence over what the JEP publishes, or in most cases, doesn't publish.

    It does seem that many people have made their mind up that it's just another cover-up and don't trust the police. After the damage that Warcup/Gradwell and Le Marquand have done to the integrity of the Police Force, we always knew, that Mike Bowron was going to have his work cut out.

    At least the JEP had no integrity to lose in the first place their reputation just stays in the gutter.

    Now here is another of those questions that could do with answering. How is it that the policeman that knocked over and killed a lady in St Clement while on an emergency call was named in no time and the driver in this case STILL hasn't been named?

    Knowing this government, as I do, my bet is on the cover-up scenario. Let's see how Mike Bowron earns his stripes!

    RIP Miss Dita Paverniece.

  3. I feel a sense of shame commenting on this and what i am about to say becuase of the seriousness of the case and with respect to the victim and her family.

    I am shocked at the comments by the police, no thats wrong, i am shocked at the media who feel the need to publish the article and in fact it is they who should be ashamed by publishing this. How many times do we here police are investigating so and so or police are investigating reports of so and so.

    How many times does our community speculate as to who is involved in this or that and there is no need to quell that speculation.

    Yet, in this particular instance they feel a need or are told to publish the above. If it smells like bullshit, it stinks!

  4. "Several rumours have been circulating in the Island that the driver is being protected by either the police or the media". CID DI Beechey also says "Because of the rumours, it's almost as if people feel we should be dealing with this case differently".

  5. "How many times does our community speculate as to who is involved in this or that?"

    A very good point, and the reason is that our local msm and Government are so corrupted that we just cannot believe a single bloody word that they utter!

  6. Beecheys right "They are dealing with this case differently"

  7. So Mike Bowron's reputation and credibility lay in the hands of DI Chris Beechey then?

  8. Oh dear - another 'Ryan Giggs' (oops) typw scenario. Everybody knows who it is, but we are not allowed to know!!

    Bring on the super injunction Dad!

  9. RIP Miss Dita Paverniece.

    I believe that there is no cover up at all, The crash happened when an alien spaceship made an emergency landing on the road and the car was sucked in to the exhaust of the spaceship.
    This is what the JEP reported to the CM within hours of the accident happening. The CM made the decision to not publicize this due to the likelihood of a "Mass Exodus" of the finance industry...

    Quite logical really...

  10. RIP Dita Paverneice.

  11. A least on this site comments are allowed, on the JEP "This is Jersey", "Have your Say" the site was withdrawn, we are only allowed to comment on whatever suits them, nothing contentious.
    Typical reaction from an Establishment run garbage rag piece of shit they call a newspaper.

  12. Very strange, when compared with:

    Mr Strauss Kahn, who denies the accusations, is due in court on June 6 to formally answer the charges against him.

    Named and in court so soon after the alleged assault. Yet Jersey police take over three months to investigate a car accident!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. DI Beechey also said in his JEP article that if the investigation was dropped then he still wouldn't be named.Reading between the lines i guess that is what will happen in a few months time.And how come they were so quick to release the poor girls name.There must be people who know for sure who the driver was,like friends of Dita,hospital workers,uncorrupt police officers,etc.They should out him on the internet.The internet is the only tool we have against our ruling,corrupt,moralless,sick,twisted government.

  14. Boy Anon

    You sound just like me! You have had enough also....

  15. YES!!!

    Your post?

    Keep the presure on!

    Keep askin!

    Don't let this matter fall by the wayside :)

    Your persistence, my courage?

    Or is it the other way around?

    You Decide!!!

    "To keep alive the flame of truth, one must make sacrifices" :)

  16. If I was the parent of this girl I would want the person responsible to be named & accountable why my daughter died and that the perpetrator be bought to justice, regardless of who it was. One has to ask why the parent's of their daughter has not insisted that this matter has been bought before the court unless of course allegedly the parents have been paid off.

  17. Anon, we do not know that the parents have not done all they can to see justice for their daughter?

    What we do know is that Jersey will be fighting tooth and nail to surpress this tragedy.