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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

"New Chief Executive - Please God - Let It Not Be Le Marquand"

The Immoral
Assistant Chief Minister Philip Ozouf has announced a review of the role of the Chief Executive of the States of Jersey.

The Council of Ministers believe the current structure of the role must be reviewed to ensure greater clarity and accountability.

The current boss, Bill Ogley, is due to leave the post at the end of the month. This morning it was announced that his deputy, John Richardson would take up the post of interim Chief Executive until a permanent replacement is found.

The review and implementation of change is expected to take up to three years, hence the new Chief Executive will be on a three year contract.

That role is now being advertised, with the intention of employing a local candidate.

Senator Philip Ozouf said: "We need a Chief Executive that's going to guide the Council of Ministers, guide the States, guide the public sector, into what is going to be clearly a reforming three years in the states.

"There are changes that need to happen to Ministerial government, Ministerial government is better than the committee government but it's not working optimally. It's not working optimally, the States is not a happy place to work, both from a political point of view and from a civil servants point of view and there's got to be some changes."

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