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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

"Man Not Discovered For Six Weeks"

Minister to wait before taking action over dead man

Jersey's housing minister said he would wait before taking action after a man's body lay undiscovered for six weeks in a States-managed bedsit.
David Le Bourgeois, 66, was found on the sofa in his bedsit at the Victoria Cottage Homes in April.
His home was part of a facility designed for retired people to live independently with support.
Deputy Andrew Green said he would not take action until an investigation was complete.
Mr Le Bourgeois' brother, Brian, accused the Housing Department of neglect.
Deputy Green said: "This is a dreadful situation for the family, a dreadful situation for us to find ourselves in.
"We must allow the police and the deputy viscount to carry out their investigations and learn from any information that comes forward."
The inquest into Mr le Bourgeois' death was adjourned while inquiries continue.

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  1. I know the dead mans brother Brian,He was in a helluva state,he told me there is supposed to be a Warden up there, heads may roll!