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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

"Lenny Harper On Book Deals & Jersey's Lying Media"

Once again, my gratitude and thanks to VOICE FOR CHILDREN & LENNY HARPER for allowing the publication of this rather stunning interview.

A Ray Of Hope

The interview below focuses on the out and out lies of Jersey's main stream media, and the lengths they will go to in conning The Royal Television Society into giving them an award for their ALLEGED "REPORTING" OF THE ALLEGED "EXPENSES SCANDAL". This well & truly beggars belief.


  1. On one Blog you say the Police are corrupt yet on this blog you support them...

    You really are a weirdo.

  2. Perhaps it is better to be weird than not to understand that all police are not evil and corrupt?

  3. I spend a great deal of my thoughts praying for a really efective "F*****G" Whistleblower.