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Friday, 27 May 2011

"J.H.A Not Happy At The Thought Of Wetherspoons Giving Joe Public A Good Deal"

Association not keen on Wetherspoons idea

Despite provisionally pulling their bid to open a bar on the Waterfront, the Jersey Hospitality Association have voiced their concerns about Wetherspoon's application.

They say that the Association was of the understanding that the Waterfront sites would not again be licensed and that the Liberty Wharf development was granted a provisional license on that basis.

English bar chain Wetherspoons had put in an application to develop the old Chicago Rock site into a food and drinking establishment.

JHA Vice President, Mario Pirozzolo said: "It's already been demonstrated that a venue of this nature in this location stretches police resources, creates a flashpoint in an area where families are often present (cinema, KFC, Pizza Hut) and the existing late night trade is centred on the Weighbridge area and to expand late licensing out to the waterfront will stretch police resources which could impact on the proper policing of the existing busy late night St Helier areas."

A spokesman for Wetherspoons gave no further details about the reasons for dropping the application but said the company would reapply at a later stage.

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