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Sunday, 22 May 2011

"Jersey's Three Kings"

Play the tune above whilst reading this posting, fill your hearts with something!

I have taken on another four cases in the last week, and just for the Oligarchy, Nathanial Le Corre's case was my sixth victory out of six, not, the first!

Nathanial asked me why I had not come forward before with my other five victories? I told him that the time was not right until now.

Wish we had room for Le Marquand,
God's fudge pecker!!!
"Why scream, when there is no-one there to listen?"

BUT....Sheeple are getting pissed now, and 'people' are listening, waking up to the oppressions of a bunch of washed up old farts. Who are these withered old hags that claim rights over us? Bailhache? Bailhache mark II?? King Birt???

All three of these petty morons are close to death, time is on our side, they have screwed the system and taken a good life out of it, and at your expense!!!

What say we put a stop to it?

Give them nothing, take from them everything, re-adjust the balance of the scales of life. The Yin & the Yang.

It is your time now, the poor people of Jersey who have suffered to provide the aforementioned parasites with a life of fabulous trappings.

What will you do with the beginnings of this revolution? Will you bottle it and succumb? or will you see it through to it's end?

A few of my close friends have already made up their minds, Stuart, VFC, Rico, Carrie, Jill, Danni, what of the rest of you? Would you be sheep forever? Graham Power & Lenny Harper are with us also :) Jesus Christ people, "take strength from those who need you" look past the end of your noses and smell freedom!!!

"The Government controls you with words,
take away those words,
and there is no Government!"

Many Thanks To Robert Menard- Just click on the green link below

Our Love To Robert & Elizabeth & our hopes for their unification


  1. Want to overthrow the gangster government in Jersey? Just link Rico's, Stuart's and VFC's blogs to any emails written to the numerous international "True Crime" book authors and you will see how big this story really is. I have been doing that all weekend and it is generating some very enthusiastic interest. I don't see how this cover-up of the cover-up business can continue much longer. The clowns involved may have gazillions in hush money and legal fees at their disposal for THE FIRM'S ADVICE but they have already been permanently exposed to the world online as irredeemably corrupt liars and fools. Jersey's pay-off system and even that of UK will not see its influence reach every corner of the international non-fiction publishing world.

  2. Just sitting in a coffee bar with wi-fi and our laptops, three of us sent multiple emails and actually heard back from reporters or authors before we left the place.

    Friend of first anon.

  3. Well done peeps, please keep us informed :)

  4. It is all about the numbers. One person tells another, and soon an important blogsite has more visitors. The truth spreads and it becomes a common cause. Readers try to see that justice is done.

    If each of your readers would contact a few True Crime bloggers and book authors, and add links to original HDLG reporting and then link to current blogs like Rico Sorda's and VFC, some will happily reply to you. That's what we found out, anyway. We just thought it was a big enough news item and they seemed to agree.

    Remember how that story was all over the world a few years ago? We think the Jersey blog links are enough to make ambitious journalists want to revisit the original story of decades of abuse and cover ups to research the cover up of that. There are many crime books with less sensational plots than what is contained in the true story in Jersey.

  5. Sent to RT News, remember all other MS media is a bit dodgy. anyone needs to send to MAIN Stream TV coverage send to .These guyswill report it.