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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

"Jersey Politicians Should Be Paid On Their Integrity Level?"

Do you think politicians should get pay rise?

Jersey's politicians could be set for a pay rise in 2012.

The body responsible for reviewing politicians salaries are preparing to reveal their recommendations ahead of the summer break.

They are writing to all elected States members and they are asking the public to get their views.

At the moment all elected members can claim a possible £41,182 a year in basic remuneration and an annual expenses allowance of £3,650 - that is a total of £44,832.

Compared to the average wage in Jersey - based on 2010 statistics - their £45,000 a year appears a good deal.

It is the same pay bracket as those in Financial Services and is just edging ahead of the Public Sector. However, it is more than double the average take-home salary of anyone working in Agriculture, which is £21,000 and Hospitality, which is £19,000.

States members' salaries across the Channel Islands are very different. Guernsey's politicians currently have the potential to earn the most. The Chief Minister could take home £48,000 and the Deputy Chief Minister earns £42,000.

All other members are paid between £34,000 and £40,000 depending on whether they are Ministers or sit on committees.

Jersey law dictates that all States members are paid the same salary and that £45,000 is currently four times the earning potential of a politician in Alderney.

Bearing in mind the fact that most of our politicians should be in jail, it is hard to fathom why most of them are even getting paid? There are very few politicians in Jersey who do the right thing by their electorate, or their oath of office, we know who the honourable ones are!


  1. These politicians should be sued, not paid! Great illustration, BTW.

  2. They do such wonderful tireless work for the good of the well run island they should be paid double.