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Monday, 16 May 2011

"Jersey Police In Violent Running Battle With 'tipsy' CHILDREN!!!"

This was my reward by ten or twelve police officers
 for having a pee at 3.10 am behind a parked van!

Many of us are painfully aware of the manner in which the Jersey Police often conduct themselves. We are also aware that some of Jersey's kids can be nasty violent little B******'S at times. Therefore, we invite any of the kids who were at this incident to give us their side of the story. The local media, being nothing but petty rank amateur investigators with "a press card" cannot be relied upon to give us the true facts, so we are asking for the kids side of the story to give the truth some balance.

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When the States of Jersey stop treating kids as worthless objects (as they do, mental health patients) and provide some amenities for them, then this alleged behaviour might stop. The kids have very little to do in Jersey and it's no wonder they are frustrated and bored. Our wonderful Government are reluctant to spend anything on them in the way of recreation and must concede that they (the States) are a big part of the problem.


  1. whats the point half of our police can not speak english let alone read it this island is lost unless people fight

  2. I really have to dissagree with your comment about giving the kids something to do as that is utter bollocks in my opinion Ian.

    In this article we are talking about kids who live within walking distance of some of the best beaches in the UK. that gives them oppurtunties to go surfing or fishing or as it is in Brelades plenty of sports facilities only down the road from them. Its not a hard walk to Les Quennevais sports centre or the youth club. These kids are living in what I would describe as one of the best places in the island to find something to do other than trashing the place.

    I dont think its down to them having nothing to do at all and more being something to do with what they are brought up listening to. For example how it is cool to be in a gang in the dumb american films the kids of today watch.

    I am surprised you out this down to nothing else to do bearing in mind the age of these kids and that there is plenty. If you were moaning about 18 19 20 year olds then I would agree as it isnt the same these days, that age bracket cant afford the good nights out that myself and my mates did when it was cheap. But, in my opinion if kids are going out and behaving like they have been in Brelades for a few years just goes to show they know exactly what they can get away with and nothing more than that.

  3. I know of a police officer who stood by and let her partners daughter associate with someone who had served time for flashing at boys. The little girl is only 5 !! Now thats corruption

  4. Anon at comment 2, I realise your point totally and for the bigger part, agree with you.

    BUT, in true Jersey fashion, everything costs on this island and costs a fortune. Many of the adults are financially on the bones of their asses, so what chance the kids of being able to afford the recreation centre, or a surf board?

    I am also more than aware of the brutality the Police are accustomed to inflicting on people, and their absolute lack of communication skills in avoiding such confrontations.

    I would very much like to hear the kids side of this incident, or have our "intrusive" media already contacted them to write their version of events???

  5. We have greatly lowed the standards for someone to join the police,
    its the only way to get people to join.

  6. They are all busy revising and doing exams now Ian so you might not get any replies. The JEP headline in a couple of months will be praising the very same teenagers for the best results ever.
    One of the girls who was there told me everything was fine and everyone was enjoying themselves when the police turned up and started pushing them. They started to pick on one lad who was doing his best to keep cool and he tried to walk away. Three officers wrestled him to the ground and this when he bit one of them. A girl was trying to pull the police away from her friend and she was punched in the face by a policeman! The policeman who was bitten was crying.Other officers had girls pinned down and then sprayed them directly in their faces so they were blinded and then arrested them for not moving on. I think a few parents are extremely angry about their schoolchildren being assaulted by grown men.
    What is wrong with a group of people meeting in a public park? Why do our police pick on teenagers all the time?

  7. Knowing nothing about this incident first hand, the usual story is this:

    A couple of phone calls to police HQ, usually from the elderly complaining about noise. Police find out how many kids and send appropriate numbers. Find the tallest kid and single him out to bully, shove him around a little to get him angry then pounce on him. The other coppers wait for the rest of the kids to start reacting to the bullying, then fly into them with fists, boots, batons and CS Gas. Police knowing all the time that they will never face any charges from our stinking bent courts. That is the script they work on, got to keep the prosecution quota up for the year.

    The police and court system is a business, a business run for profit. Any copper not making X amount of arrests per month is no use to the business. It's like yourself employing someone who sits in the works van all day, drinking tea. He is not earning your business any money and therefore, will not stayed employed long, people need to realize that all these public departments are there solely to make profit, nothing else.

    "Why do our police pick on teenagers all the time?"

    The answer to that is because they are to afraid to pick on grown men....

  8. First and foremost Jersey has and never will be geared towards children, or teenagers, it will abuse and use them though, for it's own selfish gain by feeding them scraps from the huge financial companies, giving the children the odd park in which to play or playground, which i might add is a hunting ground for those sick pedophile bastards, then we move to the teenagers well what do we have for them well ? MINIMUM WAGE or a skate park "O" and the odd youth club,what else ?????? S.F.A. sorry i forgot get the living
    shit kicked out of you for having a little fun, and just because some stuck up twat does not like it, why? cos they don't know how to have fun.
    First of all we as an island to to get rid of all the old money grabbing bastards in the STATES and get some new blood with fresh n bright ideas, and for once for the STATES to "LISTEN" rather than to DICTATE then and only then will this island move into the 21st century.


  9. My grandson came up with the same account of the crying policeman. He wasnt there but the grapevine works quickly.