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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

"Jersey Hospitality Ass-ociation & Politisized Cops Stick The Corrupt Boot In"

No Wetherspoon for Waterfront

Would have been perfect sign for Jersey branch PMSL

English pub giant Wetherspoon have axed their plans to open a bar on Jersey's Waterfront.

The franchise - which owns more than 800 pubs and bars in the UK - had put in a planning application to open a bar at the old Chicago Rock site in St Helier.

Wetherspoon spokesman Eddie Gershon said: "We can confirm that Wetherspoon has now decided not to proceed with the proposed pub at The Waterfront in St Helier.

"The company wishes to concentrate on its pub opening programme on the mainland and as a result has decided against the Jersey project."

The chain is famous across the UK for its good quality food and drink at bargain prices and many islanders were looking forward to a lower priced bar to add to the island's nightlife.

You flooded our site with comments expressing your excitement at a bar arriving with lower prices.

Jodie from St Helier said: "I think it would be great to have a Wetherspoon's as it is known for its cheap deals and food, which is needed here. It can very expensive round most of the bars."

Barbara from St Saviour said: "'Spoons will be awesome. 'Spoons will make jobs, and I'm sure the presence of 'Spoons won't spontaneously create 'yobs' as you say. So enjoy the nice things when they come your way."

Al said: "Wetherspoon's is a respected business, offering a chance for REAL competition. Isn't that what we need in the nightlife sector here? You should be thankful that UK businesses consider Jersey, and inject some often much needed impetus to this island....and especially in an otherwise stale and empty area!"

However, there has been local opposition to the plans since they were due to be discussed in the Royal Court last Wednesday. On that day, the company announced they were withdrawing their application - though said at the time they intended to re-apply at another stage.

The Jersey Hospitality Association voiced their concerns about Wetherspoon's application last week.

They say that the Association was of the understanding that the Waterfront sites would not again be licensed and that the Liberty Wharf development was granted a provisional license on that basis.

JHA Vice President, Mario Pirozzolo said: "It's already been demonstrated that a venue of this nature in this location stretches police resources, creates a flashpoint in an area where families are often present (cinema, KFC, Pizza Hut) and the existing late night trade is centred on the Weighbridge area and to expand late licensing out to the waterfront will stretch police resources which could impact on the proper policing of the existing busy late night St Helier areas."


  1. The reason why weatherspoons isn't coming because they are competition for the Jersey companies. Same reason there is no Tesco, Lidi etc. No wonder Jersey people buy more and more on the internet. When food starts being sold online to the Channel Islands then retail will really suffer over here.

  2. Absolutely anon, that is why I put "price fixing" in the labels section at the foot of the post.

    Just one corruption after another on this piss pot septic isle.

    Well, I hope people stop going out in town and just stock up with cheap cans for the weekend and invite friends round :)

  3. Oh... botherspoons! I'm going to buy my pints over the internet then.