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Saturday, 21 May 2011


A TRANSEXUAL has been jailed for two and a half years after pouring a kettle of boiling water over his boyfriend’s genitals.
Lee Jon Baker (39), who was born a woman but is currently undergoing gender realignment, hurled the water at his partner as he was lying semi-naked on a bed.
The 53-year-old suffered burns to his abdomen, groin, left buttock and genitals and is likely to be left scarred.
The Royal Court yesterday heard that Baker, formerly known as Tara Baker and Tara Scott, carried out the attack in his partner’s flat in the early hours of 5 February after a night of drinking.


  1. Jesus christ, excuse my blasphemy, but that is horrendous. As a bloke i cant even begin to imagine the pain that must have caused. A kick in the nuts is bad enough.

    Well at least this time grevious bodily harm didnt go down as a breach of peace then again i wonder if it was not a transex person and it was a "normal" person if the guilty party might have received a lesser sentance.

    I quoted normal for the purpose of expressing the rest of the above paragraph not to intimate they aren't normal human beings.

  2. "Boiled Potatoes" it doesn't even sound nice!

  3. A very nasty thing to do to someone, not sure what his medical history or gender then or now has to do with it though............