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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

"Harper Confirms Children's Body Parts Buried Illegally At Haute De La Garenne - Jersey"

My profound thanks to Voice For Children in Jersey for their kind permission in enabling me to post these video's for the world to see. A huge Thank You also, to Graham Power and Lenny Harper whom, without their integrity, honesty, and unwavering support for the abuse survivor's, these video's would never exist and the facts would have remained buried forever.

Please visit the original Voice For Children blog posting on this story as it contains all the links and back-up evidence for the true claims of Graham Power & Lenny Harper.

Lenny Harper puts the record straight on Jersey child abuse at Haute De La Garenne in
Video 1

Lenny Harper "CONFIRMS" children's body parts buried illegally at Haute De La Garenne in video 2

Well Done Gentlemen, Pure Class.

Below, the 'original' find

Below, Gradwell's bed spring! Compare both pictures?
they look nothing like each other!!!


  1. Ian,

    I have just come across this YouTube video about the "Labour25" paedophiles.

    The Beano is not the Rag

  2. haha, yes, there is a whole list in existance of all the parties and their paedo's. Will see if I can dig it out.

  3. It does seem to the untrained eye that there are a lot of these kinds of people within this type of "profession".

    Is it because these people are encouraged to be a candidate and thus on successful election can then be influenced by third parties?

    Many ... many (sigh) years ago, I was on the fringes of the Young Conservatives. Being exceptionally good looking :-) I was immediately taken under the wing of a "gentleman" of obvious suspect nature. It didn't take me long to walk out of that situation. At least I was able to.

    The Beano is not the Rag

  4. Hi Ian

    I studied the video and the picture before, freeze framing the video and comparing it frame by frame. I agree it does not look like the same object but what I would really like to see is a high resolution image of the still photograph so that we can look closely at the pints where the main coil joins the circles at either end.

    What type of joint is it?
    Does it allow for slippage?
    If not how could this object been tightened around a childs wrist if indeed it was?
    Are these types of joints common on bed springs?
    If so when were they typically used?
    What is the distance between the centre of the two circles at either end, as it was found?
    Is this distance consistent with the distance between a childs hands? and if so of what age?
    How big would the "spring" have been if it was coiled as if in a matress?
    Is the height diamater ratio consistent with a bed spring or not?
    If it is, is this size consistent with use in a child matress or an adults one?
    Does the picture show it in its exact state on discovery or has it been bent in anyway during recovery or storage?
    Why doe some coils in the centre appear to have a smaller diameter to the ones further along?
    Where was that photograph taken, at the scene upon recovery?
    How were the very ends of the wire cut?
    Is the method of cutting consistent with bed spring manufacture or not?

    What we really need is an expert witness to look at it and comment. But then maybe I'm being silly, of course Mick Gradwell asked all of these questions and came to the right conclusion. How stupid of me. Nurse my medication please.......


  5. Most useful videos!

    - Aangirfan