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Sunday, 22 May 2011

"Guernsey Police Complaints Commission On The Way - Where Is Jersey's?"

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A Police Complaints Commission is due to start operating in Guernsey in July.

It is hoped the Commission will provide greater protection for the public should police officers act outside their powers. And it should also give more protection to officers from false complaints.

In other respects the establishment of the Commission should improve public confidence and trust in the police and make the whole complaints process more open and independent.

The Home Department say the primary role of the Commission is to increase public confidence in how the Guernsey police deal with complaints against its officers, by introducing an element of impartiality, transparency and independence into the system.

The department says the Commission must conduct its duties in a way that inspires confidence in complainants, and members of the public generally; ensure that investigations are carried out in a thorough, objective and timely manner; and ensure that investigations are carried out in a way which does not discriminate on grounds of race, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, faith or belief.

"The Police Complaints Commission will provide independent oversight into the investigation of complaints with the aim of increasing public confidence and trust in the police and the complaints system as a whole. If the public is to have trust and confidence in the police, the complaints system must be accessible, transparent and subject to independent scrutiny.

"Furthermore, any police officer who is subject to a serious complaint needs to be dealt with by a process that is fair and unbiased for the protection of his or her reputation," says the department.

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  1. Jersey and Guernsey are sharing the costs of Utility Regulation, 'OUR', surely a joint Police Investigation Committee could also be a joint operation!! Would save more money than that not made available for school children's milk!!