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Friday, 27 May 2011

"FURY - As Two Of Jersey's Leading Criminals Are Paid Off"

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AND....To add insult to injury....We have this!

"Are the local media really so intrusive that they need a government health warning?"

THE life of a comment columnist in Jersey is not as arduous a task as many assume it to be.
For such a comparatively little rock, each week produces a plethora of stories, exposés and events to keep the pages of this esteemed publication running off the press and radio and television news broadcasting from dawn to dusk.
Unfortunately, the tendency to concentrate too much on the activities of our beloved politicians lulls the more self-important of that ilk into a false impression that the people have confidence in them.
There are none as loud as those who want to be heard and none as vociferous as a politician.
The first weeks of spring have provided a veritable smorgasbord of news vignettes – not meaty enough in substance to fill an entire column, but so delicious that they simply cannot be ignored because of their brevity.
Just where is a columnist supposed to start?
Ruffled feathers first spring to mind, and where better to begin than with the pampered birds of Terry Tonkin’s Turkey Farm, who have been doing lately what they do better than anything: pecking over old ground.
The latest boomerang debate to propel itself back to the House – and for the eighth time – was exempting food and fuel from the dreaded GST.
The 29 Ebenezer Scrooges who kicked the walking sticks out from the Tiny Tims of our community on this occasion did so in the knowledge that ere long, they would be discussing it all over again.
As I have said before, I can sometimes be slow in grasping the bleeding obvious, most probably because when the right thing to do is staring you in the face, you can mistakenly assume that all is not quite as it appears to be. Excuse me for simplifying things, but basic food prices are rising and, moreover, everything from toothpaste to terracotta flowers pots cost far more here than anywhere else in the British Isles.
If politicians are going to fleece anyone to plug the financial holes of their own-making, why hit those who will be hurt the most? Surely the burden should fall on the shoulders of those with deep pockets?
Rather than taxing milk, bread and coal, how about a levy on luxury vehicles costing more than £50,000? Why not introduce speed cameras? As the majority of drivers ignore legal limits, that should earn the Treasury enough in fines to scrap GST altogether.
More power to the elbows of the States Members who refuse to take no for an answer. They exhibit the same dogged tenacity any journalist worth their salt has to apply when trying to get a story out of a States department when it decides to clam up.
Been there, done that, in my past incarnation as a news reporter, and proud to have exposed issues that rightfully belonged in the public domain.
If there weren’t enough red rags dangled before the Island’s media by the States machine, there comes another so vivid that reporters need dark glasses to prevent permanent damage to their sight.
The local media are so intrusive that they now carry a government health warning in the essential background reading compiled for applicants for a top job in the civil service. What next? Raising superinjunctions as part of every senior appointment so the media can’t even say who has got a job, let alone try to get them to answer a simple question such as ‘what is your favorite colour?’
Compared to the national tabloid media, in particular those hacks who never let the truth get in the way of a good story, it is somewhat of an exaggeration for the States to say that, by UK standards the local media is intrusive and requires resilience to deal with.
If the media were not trying to scale the Chinese walls erected by paranoid ministers around their little empires, then who else would be serving the taxpayers interest to ensure that public money is wisely spent?
If patronising the media wasn’t enough, the population as a whole has been told that it is a tad thick to fill the top posts, advertised at great expense in the most up-market of national broadsheets, The Times. It is posts such as human resources director for health and the entire States leviathan that are – we have been informed – above our intelligence.
Clothes and the king, station, ideas above and roaring mice are words that spring to mind.
While our beloved politicians were playing Groundhog Day and their top minions perpetuating the gravy trains, life sipped from the poison chalice of Planning was becoming particularly unpalatable for Senator Freddie Cohen.
Whatever Islanders may think about his decisions while in office, making death threats against the Senator and his family – and subjecting them to anti-semantic abuse – is intolerable and brings shame on our community.
There are times when all of us could happily throttle a States Member or take up where Guy Fawkes failed.
But there is a distinct line between the acceptable form of political criticism, as brilliantly practiced in the blunt world of Australian politics, and inappropriate and repellent behaviour.
Freedom of speech is paramount in any democratic society but not when it is abused to incite violence, fuel prejudice or undermine the legitimate activities of a free and open society.
The press have a vital function to perform in maintaining freedom of speech in the public interest. It should not be hampered in doing its job.


  1. Ian.

    Ogley's position was untenable after the Napier Report and he had to be got rid of. The thing is, he could name his price. If "they" wanted him to go "quietly" it was going to cost, (all in my opinion)

    What a shame we have no credible "discredited" media on this island that would be prepared to dig into this story. No doubt it will, once more, be left to the Bloggers!

  2. Vfc. It really is a shame because try as you may to explain things to people or should i say sheeple it all comes down to the media they have been served up. As soon as you make any attempt to show some difference or offer some reasoning behind your none establishment view you vome up against the mindset of its all ok in my little world so feck anyone else as long as number one is doing fine!

  3. This was their second comment on the above article....AND how apt :)

    Posted May 27, 2011 at 7:40 pm

    "I will start by saying I mostly enjoy your column,but how you can think intrusive journalism applies to you or ctv, I have no idea. The only investigative journalists of any credibility are on the blog sites, they have done their homework and they have evidenced material to prove that our government are nothing other than liars and cheats and ,very slowly ,the public are starting to realise this. I hope eventually we all get justice and our most honourable leaders get what is most certainly long overdue."