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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

"FOI Law By 2015 - Still Time For A bloody Good Fire Then???"

Bayleaf's Broadcasting Company - says

Jersey's Freedom of Information law should be in force by 2015 after politicians formally voted it in.
The new law, which gives access to information held by States departments, was passed on Wednesday.
Deputy Rob Duhamel called for the law to be referred to scrutiny but he was defeated with only his own vote in favour.
The States have asked the Chief Minister to make sure the new law comes into force in 2015.
Deputy Roy le Herissier said he was concerned the law could be lost altogether amid concerns it could cost too much and be too complicated to introduce.

Cover-up   TV says - nothing!!!

The Filthy Rag - says

ISLANDERS’ rights to access all but the most confidential documents and information held by States departments are to be enshrined in law.
The new Freedom of Information Law, approved by the States yesterday, will bring Jersey into line with modern government practice on openness and accountability.
However, politicians now face a fresh battle on when it should come into force.
Amid ministerial claims of a £4.8m cost to implement the new Freedom of Information Law and annual running costs of £1.3m, Members agreed to the principles of the legislation by 40 votes to two. Today, debate moved on to when to implement the law.


  1. Ian.

    The Irony of it all is just astonishing. The JEP have been bleating on for months about this FOI and how they are great supporters of it.

    The JEP championing the rights of the public to be given more information??????

    You couldn't make this load of cack up if you tried!!!!!

  2. The issue of cost also need to be 'demystified'. The figures quoted include setting up proper record management. But that was to have been done under a previous law in I think 2002. So they passed a law and then didn't spend the money to make it happen. Now they want to scupper this one by loading the costs of what they failed to do before the FOI Law.

  3. How do they reach that costing figure, and why do we have to wail till 2015? This lot are slippier than Snails Shit.