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Monday, 23 May 2011

"Flogging A Dead Horse"

Senator Maclean

The minister with responsibility for tourism in Jersey said he will fight to maintain funding for projects that boost the industry.
In 2010 more than £200,000 was given to events such as the Liberation Festival, Boat Show and Branchage Film Festival.
Senator Alan Maclean said the tough financial climate meant the Tourism Development Fund was nearly spent.
He said: "We must remember the tourism industry is vitally important for Jersey."
Senator Maclean added: "It provides jobs, provides tax revenues and is often undervalued and under-estimated.
"We are doing a piece of work at the moment to reassess the true value to the economy as a whole.
"It is significant and that is why the tourism development fund is so important."
The minister said he was happy with the projects that were chosen and it was not all bad news for those that were not.
"I am delighted with the quality of the panel, I am delighted with the decisions they have made and I think the events that have been supported have been the right ones.
Senator Maclean also confirmed that an additional £500,000 has been added to the tourism budget.
He said the money would be used to advertise in the UK and Europe.

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