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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

"Ex Senator Is Clinically Depressed - As Are Most Of Jersey's Citizens"

Perhaps this sight would cheer the good Ex Senator up a touch

FORMER Senator Stuart Syvret’s appeal against his convictions for contempt of court, data protection and motoring offences has been delayed until August.
Mr Syvret’s appeal was supposed to have been heard in the Royal Court this week, but his request for an adjournment was agreed yesterday.
The former Health Minister had told UK judge Sir Christopher Pitchers that he needed more time to go through a statement by former police chief Graham Power, which was delivered to him late Sunday night.
He also claimed that his mental health and his diagnosis of clinical depression made it hard for him to concentrate on the case.

A colossal amount of people are clinically depressed in Jersey, this is born out by the staggering amount of suicides (most covered up) every year on this little granule of rock. Two of which have occurred in the last few weeks, one by hanging and the other shooting himself in the head with a nail gun.

No one in authority cares enough to do anything about this dreadful scenario, and those who suffer will only get worse. Below is one comment made on a previous blog that just sums the situation up!

Anonymous said...

Just for the record. Scrutiny has been invited several times to investigate suicide and related matters in Jersey. This has been declined.
Our elected reps would rather look at dog pooh in public places.

It is the oppressive regime in Jersey that pushes people over the edge, minimum wages, disgusting accommodation, extortionate rent charges, parking tickets, horrific food and heating costs, not to mention the corruption, child abuse, etc etc

It is high time our disgraceful Government took a long hard look in the mirror, MANY OF THESE DEATHS are a direct result of their greed,  corruption, and incompetence.

You have blood on your hands....


  1. Ahh - Stuart. One of the best, more honest and courageous politicians Jersey ever had.

    No -not one of the best - THE best.

    No small surprise that what his honesty has cost him in terms of his health also affects a large percentage of Jersey's population, and that without what Stuart has had to face during his former political career and indeed to this present day.

    Let's get real folks - Jersey is NOT 'life enriching' for most people - indeed quite the opposite.

    Stay strong Stuart!

  2. Stuart has been through hell for twenty odd years, I am up to twenty three years, VFC, Jill and Rico have suffered it too, and God only knows what Carrie, Dannie, Lorna and the rest of the abuse survivors have had to endure! is a fitting testament to the tenacity and courage of these people.

    Depression is - "being strong for far to long"

    Legend says;
    "The heroes of today are the souls reborn of earlier knights, already shaped for what they did by what they had done before. How often must it be done again, over and over again. As often as is necessary.
    Governments do govern. Yet, when Sage and fool, king and peasant find accord, and earth and heaven mingle, there will come times when good and peace prevail.
    Before you seek change (the sages said) be very sure you have savoured all the joys of the present, for sometimes, there is nothing to do but wait for the vein.
    Only men, who face the time without illusion or fear, will endure any fate to it's end."

  3. 'How often must it be done again, over and over again. As often as is necessary.'

    How true Ian, how true. Until my dying day I will support the cause of truth and justice for all those who have been wronged by this Government and the Jersey Way.

    Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

  4. So sorry Stuart. Clinical depression is horrible. Just want you to know we all appreciate what you are doing, even us abuse survivors who are not from Jersey.

  5. Next thing for Jersey will be that we'll all have to sign a no-suicide pledge ;)

  6. No wonder that good man is depressed after what he has been through, he is nobody`s cheerleader, I wish he had returned from exile a bit earlier, he would still be a politician now.
    We badly need him back!

  7. Ian.

    Took a second hand Rag to read about Stuart Syvret (yesterdays page 4). The report is much more informative than ragonline.

    Maybe a scan of it is worthwhile, but takeout the picture of him The Rag always makes him look as though he is on his last legs.

  8. hahaha, last legs? the man is a God damned millipede!!!

  9. Yes we know that, but look at the photo they put in of him.

  10. I cannot, I did not receive a second hand 'free' copy yesterday.

    However they paint Stuart, the worse, the better in the long run, just think of those criminal injuries compensation claims? YES, "criminal" injuries!!!

  11. Our idiots at the local "Rag-Rapist-Site" are proving beyond any "civil case" doubt, the mandatory requirement of "on the balance of probabilities" :)