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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

"The Con - Is Definitely On"

Jersey's fee paying schools could be thrown a lifeline.

The Education Department want to cut the grants they receive from the government, but one politician's asking the States to keep things as they are until there's been a thorough review.

Senator Ben Shenton wants the fees to be paid, until the publication of an Education White Paper.

Before that paper can be put together, a so called Green Paper is published. That paper contains all the proposals the states would be looking at - and prompt consultation and therefore debate on the topic.

The politician thinks this would be preferable to the current proposal.

There's been widespread outrage from parents and teachers across the island, since it was announced that the money paid to private schools across the island will be halved. It's all as part of a bid by the States to cut spending.

At the moment fee paying primary and secondary schools are subsidised half the cost of educating a child in a States secondary school and a quarter the cost of a States primary.

The new plan is to reduce the support for secondary schools to the same level provided to primary schools, essentially reducing their subsidy by 50%. What that means in figures is a reduction from £9.8 million to £5.5 million a year- saving the Department £4.3 million annually.

I wonder if the 'white paper' has any chance of appearing before the elections?

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