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Saturday, 7 May 2011

"BBC Jersey Proclaim - House Struck By Lightning" SO WHAT!!!

House struck by lightning. Pic: Jersey Fire Service 

Fire crews in Jersey have been called out to a house after it was struck by lightning.
The lightning strike started a fire in the roof of the property in St Ouen at about 1800 BST on Friday.
The owners managed to stop the fire spreading by using a garden hose. Nine firefighters then extinguished it completely.
The roof was made safe and the property only suffered minor damage, the fire service said.
The service praised the actions of the house's owners in stopping the fire from spreading. Hmmm? Whatever happened to the fire services motto, "NEVER tackle a blaze on your own, ALWAYS ring us?"

Bayleaf's  Broadcasting  Company

with all their endless billions, and clout on the world stage, can only come up with this petty bullshit???

How about reporting on paedophile Callum Stewart who has evaded prison when all the other "watchers" get the mandatory year in jail!!!

Well don't worry about it BBC Jersey? I, with my empty pockets, will cover it in detail, I know people too....


  1. nine firemen! towering inferno was it?
    or someone 'important'

  2. Who's Callum Stewart?

  3. We are following up the assertion that he had joined the Free Mason's just prior to sentencing....

  4. He is a teacher at highlands

  5. Who? the pervert, or the guy with the "flaming problem"?

  6. Really? by sheer coincidence I was pondering this at the same time you replied. Are you sure you are not getting confused with another pervert who is related, and already in jail?

    David Forno???

  7. Both are teachers.Forno is stewards brother inlaw.

  8. We need facts here my friend

  9. Stewarts wife is fornos sister

  10. That right is reserved for myself and the likes of Stuart Syvret!

  11. Masons are mostly Kiddy Fiddlers anyway. Child sacrifice goes back centuries within the 33rd.

  12. Thank you anon at WOLF's Caves

  13. Man in court on child porn charges
    A 49 year old man from St Helier who is charged with 24 child pornography offences, has appeared in Jersey's Magistrate's Court.

    Calum Stewart reserved his plea to all charges and has been released on bail.

    Mr Stewart will re-appear in the Magistrate's Court on the 9th of August.

    FROM Cover-up TV

  14. A trusted friend asked me to give the benifit of the doubt, so don't push it!