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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

"BBC Jersey Could Close - No Loss There Then"

BBC's Jon Gripton
THE BBC’S Channel Islands television news service could be scrapped as the broadcaster seeks to make multi-million pound savings across the board.
The JEP understands that the Channel Islands television service – not including the radio station – is thought to be at the top of a list of projects which could be culled to save money.
But BBC press officer Kate Buxton said that no decisions had been made about the Channel Islands station, which broadcasts daily bulletins at 6.30 pm, 8 pm and 10.25 pm, and that any rumours were speculation. It employs nine full-time staff.
BBC Jersey managing editor Jon Gripton said that he had been assuring staff that no decisions had been taken but that he was unable to comment further.

That would be one less bunch of cover-up merchants to deal with!


  1. Ian.

    From my limited experience with Jon Gripton, it is my opinion that if the whole of BBC Jersey was closed down he would be thinking "job done."

  2. VFC...

    So Mr Gripton would rather not have a job then?

    He's moved his family over here and I very much doubt he'd do that just to close the place he ran.

    Please think before posting, that includes on your "blog"

    Oh, and get a job.


  3. BBC Radio Jersey would not be missed either,they discontinued the lunchtime "Phone in" and the Sunday "Talkback" programme as too many uncomfortable (for them) issues were highlighted.
    Who would miss the arrogant slimey Matthew Price, mouthpieces for the Establishment, just like the "Filthy Rag"