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Saturday, 7 May 2011

"Back By Popular Demand - Gradwell's Cover-up TV Extravaganza!!!"

Jersey's historic abuse inquiry has cost an estimated £20m. But should the bill have been so high? Former Detective Superintendent Mick Gradwell says 'No'.

He's reviewed how Jersey Police carried out their investigation and has come to some damming conclusions. He told us:

'I have never seen anything like this in 30 years. In respect of sexual offences I have been a detective for 22 years, I can show convictions for rapes and sex offences by predatory peadophiles as well as a huge number of murders, but I have never ever seen police working in this way, I really am absolutely shocked by what has gone on. It is abhorrent behaviour'.

We've tried to contact Lenny Harper for his version of events, but he hasn't returned any of our phone calls.

We've also been unable to get a comment from suspended police chief Graham Power. His legal advisors say he can't speak to the press while he's suspended. But they say he strongly contests any claims that the excavation at Haut de la Garenne were unnecessary.

The real "shackles" story can be viewed by clicking on THIS GREEN LINK


  1. Ian.

    It's time to stop reading that article after the first few words. "Jersey's historic abuse inquiry has cost an estimated £20m."

    The entire Historic Abuse investigation is only around £7.5m today let alone in 2008 when Gradwell, Warcup and David Rose were peddling that tripe and guess who spent the lion share of that?.............Gradwell and Warcup!!! They spent more on the inquiry than Power/Harper and didn't have to dig the place up!!

    The excavation of HDLG was endorsed by ACPO, NPIA and we've just recently learnt that somewhere hidden in the discredited Wiltshire Report, even they (Wiltshire) didn't/couldn't argue with the decision!

  2. Ian.

    Gradwell and Warcup said they wouldn't have taken the decision to excavate HDLG. Lenny Harper says "SHAME ON THEM"

  3. If our "Common Purpose" friends had been here from the start, NOTHING would have been looked into....

  4. Isn't it time that Gradwell and Warcup's spending on discrediting the abuse enquiry was gone through with a fine tooth comb?

  5. Not only Gradwell and Warcup's spending but how the hell Wiltshire Police managed to rack up such a huge bill, and just as importantly, how the hell Ian Le Marquand allowed the Wiltshire investigation to spiral out of control??????

  6. Ian Le Marquand is an out and out "A******E