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Monday, 16 May 2011

"And....The J.E.P Think The States Means Them - 'intrusive' Journalists" hahaha aaaahhaaha

Alongside this article, I would like to incorporate Stuart Syvret's latest blog release entitled "Private Eye & Jerseygate" which can be accessed by clicking on THIS GREEN LINK Also, we have the new video posting from Lenny Harper by Voice For Children, which can be accessed by clicking on THIS PURPLE LINK Happy enlightenment folks :)

Picture depicting the "real" journalists, Jersey's Bloggers
Hunt is on for top civil servants

WANTED: two senior civil servants who are talented, experienced and who won’t get upset if they appear in the pages of the JEP.
In an unusual attempt to lure two human resources directors to the Island, the States has created a website detailing the delights of living in Jersey.
But while boasting of sunshine, Michelin-starred restaurants and low tax, the site laments Jersey’s ‘intrusive’ journalists and warns that any successful candidate would have to be ‘resilient’.
On Friday, the States took out a large advert in the Times newspaper to recruit a central HR director and an HR director for the Health department.
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  1. Ian.

    I was hoping you were going to put this post up. It's just incredible isn't it?

    At best Bloggers have exposed the JEP and other local "accredited" media for being absolutely useless and at worst complicit in massive cover ups for our government.

    What on earth makes the JEP think anybody was talking about them when the words "intrusive journalists" were used. The JEP are neither when it comes to reporting the truth on our government and in particular the Law Offices.

    You really couldn't make this stuff up. The JEP still can't see how much of a laughing stock that they are.

  2. Ian.

    This article really couldn't have been timed any better considering what Lenny Harper has just said about the local MEDIA

  3. Let's hope some prospective candidates do their homework, read blogs against the accredited media and see what really goes on.

    Let's face it you naughty, naughty TRUTHFUL people (aka bloggers) frightened off the potential Chief of Police!!

  4. "'intrusive' journalists"? Where could they have possibly got that from, unless they characterize being savaged by a lamb as 'intrusive'.

    Oh, I know - they are referring to unaccredited journalists, AKA bloggers.

  5. I have just put up the paper cutting of this article.

    One section states "The approach taken by the island's media to senior public servants should be considered. Their attention can be intrusive by UK standards and requires resilience" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Ian.

    At the last States Sitting, Deputy Bob Hill mentioned a complaint against a Senior Civil Servant. Not one of our "accredited" media picked up on it, or are they under orders to keep it under wraps?

    Whatever the case they can in no way be called "intrusive"!!!

  7. I am a parent of an American student assigned to research the relationship between the political, judicial and civil system and checks and balances. The press in Jersey is considered to be a veritable propaganda machine. One class uses Jersey to provide an example of what can go wrong without an independent press, although it appears that you bloggers are the wave of the future in Jersey. It will be interesting to follow the evolution of Jersey elections and politics as bloggers enlighten a public previously only exposed to only what information the government permits.

  8. Once again, Jersey have employed managers who appear to be incapable to train their replacements' !

    Do Jersey tax payers pay top price for second or third ratters! You know, those who ensure no one else can do their job, for fear of loosing it!

  9. My thanks to our American friend for letting us know our messages are getting out. I confess, I had to giggle when I read that you have a class studying our "discredited" media :)