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Saturday, 21 May 2011

"£7,400 Will Buy You A Lot Of Beef - And Advertising!"

A butcher who is owed nearly £7,400 by a restaurant in Weighbridge Place in Jersey held a protest outside the venue on Friday lunchtime.
Andre Baudin parked his van outside Dixies Bar and Steakhouse in protest at the unpaid debt.
Restaurant owner Tony Shelton was ordered to pay the money by the Petty Debts Court.

Andre Baudin painted his van with slogans saying 'Dixies Owes Me' and parked it outside the restaurant

Mr Shelton said he was hoping to sell the business and pay off his debts but described the protest as a "disgrace".
'Ridiculous actions'
Mr Shelton said: "They want to know the position? As long as we keep trading they will get their money back.
"But if they keep on taking these ridiculous types of actions we won't be trading for very long."
Mr Baudin, who runs a food shop in St John, said he had no choice but to make his protest.
He told BBC News: "It's just not on, you should be there to help each other out. I certainly helped Tony in the restaurant, trying to save him money in different areas.
"It is just soul-destroying, no attempt to make any kind of payment whatsoever.
"Where do you go from here - is it us next in the bankruptcy court?"


  1. "Where do you go from here - is it us next in the bankruptcy court?"

    Spot on mate, right thinking....

  2. I bet Mr Shelton is still drawing a wage ...

    The Beano is not the Rag

  3. Well done that man. No disgrace apart from the disgrace of not being paid. No ridicule apart from being ridiculed by not being paid. Outstanding action required i think otherwise chances are he would be just brushed asside as an unwelcome debt to pay.