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Friday, 15 April 2011

"Yet Another Life Lost To Suicide - Time For Human Rights In Jersey"

Jersey working class are sick of the oppressive regime we live under, time for politicians to act!!!

The body of a man discovered in woodland in St Saviour is that of a man who went missing over a week ago.

Police announced today (Friday) the body found is that of Richard James Burns.

The 45-year-old vanished last Sunday (3rd April) after last being seen at 10.30pm that evening.

Mr Burns was found hanging in the woodland near Swan Lane in St Saviour by a member of the public on Tuesday.

Police said Mr Burns' identity has been confirmed by an orthodontist.

An inquest into his death will take place in due course. Next of kin have been informed.


  1. Rest in Peace Richard mate.

    Our thoughts are with family & friends on this dreadful day, with respect.

  2. Thats so sad to hear. My father did the same and although I sometimes think about the selfishness of an act like that I do also think how sorry it is that it got to the moment you decided to take your own life.

    RIP. I don't believe in God or much else religious wise but I have my own belief that a new star is born through every human death and thats how our universe and others expand. I hope you become a new bright star in one universe or another.

  3. Thank you for your heartfelt posting anon, and I am pleased you are not fooled by religion.

    Some people say it is a selfish act, and a cowards way out. I have been there twice (almost) in recent years, thanks to our utterly vile regime, and it's corrupt oppressions.

    As your father (rip) and Richard will know, it is far from a cowards way out. Most people who reach that stage have been under massive pressure, usually for a very long time, and have not been able to get the help they required.

    As a very wise man once said to me:

    "suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem."

  4. Ian.

    Such a tragedy and thoughts are with his family and friends. The other tragedy is that statistically Jersey is a world leader when it comes to suicide rates, when are our media, or anybody, going to expose this out of control government and Law Office? How many more suicides do there have to be?

  5. VFC,

    if Jersey's true suicide figures were ever published, we would have been the world leaders for the last 30 years per head of population.

    The fact that about 90% of suicides are not reported as suicides, keeps the figures down for our Oligarchy.

    I have a friend in mental health who will hopefully be giving me some stats in the next week or so, and some horror stories from our hospitals mental health failures!

  6. You know Ian, I went to my Doctor when I was having a few problems and he said to me along the the lines of, back in your fathers day we didn't know how to treat depression or how to even diagnose it.

    Pissed me off a bit thinking that maybe the doctor could have perhaps sorted him out, but being older and wiser these days I can put it down to lack of knowledge, not ignorance.

    And I wish the doctor wan't retired now as he was a great bloke.

  7. so here we go once again another poor subject of the pressures of living under the nazi jack boots that is jersey.This is beyound belief that a man has to take his own life as they cannot provide the help and support that he so much needed,yet they can spend another £300,000 a year on a hospital manager 1 shamefull,well keep posted prople cause im gonna blow the lid on this.

  8. I shall look forward to that Anon, my email is

    Hope to hear from you soon :)

  9. i know of some 1, whom i was with at the time, he phoned the hospital and spoke to the head phyciatrist and asked for a bed in the phyciatric ward and was told by the top phyciartist at the time that "there was no beds at that time,and could you phone back after 4 o clock and we will see if we can find a bed for you",well big mistake that was as by 3 pm that afternoon he had thrown him self off the top of patrioctic street car park,which resulted in his death ! and you wont find that in the local rag !

  10. Just for the record. Scrutiny has been invited several times to investigate suicide and related matters in Jersey. This has been declined.
    Our elected reps would rather look at dog pooh in public places.

  11. Nine days ago on May 7th 2011, we lost a member of our family to suicide in Jersey .
    Kevin had been ill for a long time and had made numerous attempts to take his own life. He had made repeated visits to his GP and had been taken into hospital on more than one occasion but had never received or even been offered the help and support he needed. His latest admittance was only three weeks before his death.
    Kevin gave up hope of anyone ever being able to find a solution to his problem after being told by a mentor/counsellor the hospital had given him that as his problems were psychological and not mental health he could do nothing to help him.
    How could anyone in the mental health profession turn their back on someone so desperate for help?
    Kevin had a wonderful network of friends in Jersey who did everything they could to help and support him but they are not professionals, they couldn't give him what he needed.
    I flew out with his twenty year old daughter (his next of kin), who absolutely adored her dad, to help her 'sort things out' but to be honest, she has been left with far more questions than answers. She is furious with the Jersey Health Authorities who she feels have failed her father miserably.
    What we did learn, however, was that whilst most of the people of Jersey want this problem to be suitably addressed and systems put in place to sufficiently provide help for people at risk of suicide, there is an elite group (mainly those with the power to do something) that chose to bury their heads in the sand. They don't want to deal with the problem, they ignore it hoping it will just go away. Well, it won't just go away and using words like 'hanging' on death certificates won't hide the truth, the fact that it was actually suicide.
    This problem has been growing rapidly for a number of years and will continue to do so unless something is done, until someone has the guts to face up to it. Only then will Jersey truly be a beautiful island.

  12. Good God, do you have any links to newspaper articles or copy of death certificate etc etc?

    I have a friend who is looking into these matters off his own back.

  13. I don't have any links to newspaper articles I'm afraid and I would have to ask his daughter for a copy of his death certificate.
    The use of the word 'Hanging' as cause of death was very distressing for us both as we felt it made him sound like a criminal. I feel it should have read 'Suicide by Hanging'. This choice of terminology used by the authorities in Jersey may well be the reason the true number of suicides is never properly calculated.
    If I can aquire any paperwork that would help your friend I will happily forward it. In the meantime I suggest he looks for the many ways people could end their own lives and then tries to connect them with the causes given in the register of deaths.

  14. On 27th May 2009 there is a missing person appeal on here which was made on ITV Channel TV.
    The photograph they used was one the police took of him when they removed him from his hospital bed to arrested him for a minor disruption of the peace whilst he was receiving treatment for a massive overdose of paracetamol.
    Please do not republish the photograph. His daughter was at the hospital with him at the time and was out of her mind with worry, she would be very upset to be reminded how ill he was at the time.

  15. No photo will be republished, I promise you.

  16. Anon, family member of Kevin, I would be gratefull if you could contact me at your convenience at or you can telephone me, my mobile number is in the book.

    Hoping to hear from you soon.

  17. anon i was in the company of some 1 who called the hospital and asked for a bed in the mental health ward,and he was told to call back at 4pm the same night,to late by then as he had thrown him self off the top of a car park at 3pm that afternoon !
    this is the shamefull state of our so called wonderfull meantal health services !