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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

"Working Class Mugs Told To Keep Working"

PLANS to raise the retirement age will be unveiled next week, with a proposal to increase the age to 68 expected.
Social Security Minister Ian Gorst told the States yesterday that he would make an announcement next Thursday about how his department was proposing to tackle the next financial crisis looming for the States.
Some action is needed because, as things stand, the fund that pays the basic state pension will be empty in 25 years. If that happens, contributions – the amount that automatically comes out of everyone’s pay packet – would have to go up dramatically, from 10.5% at present to around 16.3%.
But even if the retirement age goes up from 65 to 68, an option proposed in a Social Security department consultation last year, the fund will still run out of cash at some point this century as the burden of the ageing population and people living longer in retirement continues to bite into reserves.

Cough Up Before You Die 

What a great scam this is, getting people to pay into the system all their lives knowing full well that most of them will never make retirement age!!! NO wonder is it, that the plebs all over the world have had enough of Governments and are revolting.

It's just one big game played by the bankers and the governments, they are rolling the dice, and we are moving around the board knowing we can never win the game. The Internet is our only friend, bringing together alliances and movements that will soon be playing their hands around the world.


  1. Might as well make everyone work until they are no longer capable and then shoot them, then they will not have any overheads.

  2. I will wager that it will not be long before that day comes.

    What with governments poisoning us with rat poison (sodium flouride) in our water and tooth paste, airplanes lacing the atmosphere with chem-trails, aspartame in many of our drinks. Our doctors telling us to have a flu and swine flu jab even though they contain mercury, anti-freeze and squalin.

    New World Order will soon be upon us uncloaked....