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Friday, 29 April 2011

"What Is Le Marquand Up To Now?"

Changes proposed to the Jersey sex offenders law 

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Jersey's Home Affairs Minister wants to make a number of changes to the sex offenders law.
The law came into force early in 2011 but the minister wants to make 11 changes to the law's wording.
Among the amendments are plans to change the way people will be tested on their likelihood of re-offending.
Senator Ian Le Marquand wants to remove the reference to the seriousness of the past offence and add the risk of sexual harm to the public.
The proposals change the deciding factors for removing a name from the register.
It also expands the power of the law to find out if the person has travelled outside of Jersey and make them give more details of where they have been.

Just what are these proposed changes, and why are they not being listed?
Ian Le Marquand wants to make 11 changes to the law's wording.
I can just see one of them now!!!

"No Jersey Paedophile Is To Be Classed As A Paedophile"

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