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Friday, 8 April 2011

"This Case Cannot Be Won - You Owe Us £6,000?" PART TWO

Please click on this GREEN LINK to read part 1

SO, Nathanial Le Corre got the call, it was a friend inviting him out to drink to the good health of a new-born. Not being an avid drinker or party goer, Nathanial jumped at the chance to spend a good night with some close friends and to toast a new life born into this world.

He met up with his pals and had a great night in their company, finally ending up at Chambers. However, after a short while, enter the drunken bully, Robert Paul Mallett. For reasons unknown to Nathanial, Mallett starts shoving him around, verbally abusing him and generally being a pain in the arse. There were five or six incidents inside Chambers where Mallett had sought to aggravate Nathanial and goad him into a fight, all of which were resisted by Nathanial Le Corre.

Having had enough of Mallett, Nathanial and friends decided to leave the premises. Having gone not ten yards, there was Mallett again. Nathanial started to walk up Pier Road to get away from him and Mallett followed, again goading him into a fight. Having (understandably) had enough of Mallett's incessant provocation, Nathanial, fearing he would be attacked, swung a punch at Mallett which missed. Mallett then ran at him and the two fell over, Mallett ending up on top of Nathanial. Mallett then proceeded to push his thumbs into Nathanial's eyes, later stating that it was "Nathanial" who was on top and pushed his thumbs into "Mallett's" eyes!!! However, I have watched the video of the incident several times and this was clearly not the case.

Nathanial realising the danger to his sight, tried to throw a few blows upward to get Mallett off him. Mallett moved his thumbs from Nathanial's eyes and Nathanial then grabbed hold of Mallett's head and pulled it down toward his own face to stop Mallett gouging at his eyes again. Mallett found (because of Nathanial's strength) that he could not move, and took the cowards route out of the situation. He opened his mouth and took a huge bite at Nathanial's cheek, taking a sizable chunk and biting hard. Nathanial then let go of his tormentor and the coward ran off.

Shortly after, the police arrived and arrested Nathanial who was by now in a state of shock and in some pain and bleeding quite profusely. According to the police, he was placed on the floor and the handcuffs were applied. He was then placed in the police van and taken to hospital where he was in an excited state and was deemed to be better off at the police station. After a while at the police station he had calmed and was then able to be taken to the hospital for treatment, later being taken back to the police station and detained. During his detention he saw the police surgeon who took photographs of his injuries and wrote a report.

Nathanial was questioned the next morning and released UNCHARGED. The hunt was now on for Mallett, who had not gone home that night but hid at his mates house undoubtedly to avoid arrest. It was told that Mallett's parents were described as (very uncooperative) when questioned as to their son's whereabouts. Mallet was eventually picked up the next day and questioned. He was asked where his clothes were that he was wearing, and replied that he had bagged and binned them on the estate. Police immediately went to search the bins but found nothing? WAS HE LYING?

Robert Paul Mallett was then charged with Grave & Criminal Assault and eventually showed in the Magistrates Court. The judge sent the case up to the Royal Court because of the severity of the charge, and the injuries inflicted upon Nathanial.

We are now to the part of this case where the 'ODDITIES' start to begin, so I will say good bye for just a short while. This break will give you a day or so to ponder what has gone on so far, and what could possibly go so wrong later in this story!!! And believe me, it does get more bizarre by the minute. Talk soon.


  1. Holy shit, not sure what to say. I have typed stuff then deleted it and tried again but the fact is this is disgusting. I just cannot believe that someone would bite a chunk out of someone. Well, I can believe it as its not the first time but I dont want to believe it as its so disgusting.

    I am lost for words, I can guess how this is going to pan out, my guess is the biter will get no sentence due to family sorting him out.

    I really don't know what to say now apart from how apalled I am. I am going to take a wild guess that the biter gets away with this using his families influence. I give up commenting on it because I am so disgusted I can't really put it down in words.

    I only hope that the victim gets the surgery required to correct the bite wound and that he carries on to live a fruitful life and can hopefully put this behind him.

    Totally sickened by this.

  2. Thank you for your empathy Paul, I am sure that Nathanial will be greatful for your sentiments and support.

    Thank you also for your prediction on the outcome, but I am afraid you will have to wait until the end as it get's much more disgusting!!!

    Wonder if anyone will guess correctly before we actually get to the end of this mini epic?

  3. Nothing will surprise me Ian. Even if you told me Nathaniel ended up doing 6 months in prison I wouldn't be shocked. Look forward to the second part where no doubt our infamous law office step up to the plate.

    I hope Nathaniel has recovered, also, one hopes that this hasn't affected his social life.

    Bring on the next part


  4. Truly, truly shocking.

    Knowing the way of 'justice' in Jersey, the victim will not receive 'justice' and the perpetrator will get off scot free, or with just a slap on the wrist.

    Sadly, probably again 'The Jersey Way'.

  5. Robert Paul Marrett has apparently been recently charged of other offenses and let off without so much as a slap on the wrist, something tells me perhaps a police informant with special priviledges to be up and above the law?

  6. Strange as it may seem anon, that was the very first thought that crossed my mind in this little saga.

  7. My guess Nathanial Le Corre charged with assault, charges dropped against Mallet the Jersey Way

    I do hope I am wrong but corruption runs deep in Jersey Good luck Nathanial

  8. ian,

    Is this Mallet releted to the Ex Copper/ Tribunal/HR Mallets?

  9. I am not sure anon, that was a road I was traveling a while back but could not find the info needed.

  10. Ian.

    Jersey and Justice are totally un-related. But we do have something called "Jersey Justice" and that has a meaning all of its own.

  11. What a horrible scumbag. Do you know how old this Mallet is?

  12. If only everyone knew all thw storys going around its very hard to judge the truth as its been past pillar to post by so many people

  13. where is the next part of the story or did i miss it? I have followed the past 2 blog posts but not seen anymore.

    Am not intending to be a sick twat who wants the nitty gritty, I am hoping to hear of a good outcome, maybe I am hoping to much but thats what I hope to see.